Netop WebConnect

Netop WebConnect: Fast stable remote connectivity from anywhere

A Highly Secure, Borderless Web Connectivity Solution

Experience fast, stable and secure remote connectivity from anywhere

Netop WebConnect provides ongoing, highly secure, borderless connectivity to all your devices and locations.  Available in cloud-based or self-hosted options, WebConnect is a communication protocol developed specifically for use with Netop Remote Control. With WebConnect, Netop Remote Control users can access devices securely while bypassing firewalls, proxies and routers.

Cloud-hosted Portal Access

The Netop Remote Control Portal uses WebConnect to enable fast connection and transfer speeds.  Start your free trial of the Netop Remote Control Portal here.

Why Use Netop WebConnect?

  • WebConnect enables outbound connectivity over the web
  • WebConnect provides access into unmanaged networks
  • WebConnect eliminates the challenge of navigating firewalls, proxies and routers
  • WebConnect extends the reach of IT and technical support teams

Self-hosting WebConnect

Netop gives you the option of hosting WebConnect within your network. The self-hosted option comprises two parts: a Connection Manager and a Connection Server.

For detailed information on how to deploy Netop WebConnect on your network, please see the complete WebConnect 1 installation guide.