Netop Security Server centrally managed remote access security

Centrally Managed Remote Access Security

Centralize security, authentication and control

Enterprise-level security goes well beyond encryption. It takes a comprehensive, multi-layer strategy: who has access? what are they allowed to do? where’s the documentation? Netop Security Server lets you answer these questions in granular detail, centrally.

When installed on your server, it answers queries from Netop Remote Control about session permissions and access rights across a network connection, giving you centralized control of security, administration, authentication and authorization on every user in your system.

You decide which machines a technician (or group) can support. You define permissions for hundreds to thousands of users. Your settings are stored in an ODBC-compliant database, where you can make changes centrally, without having to update local settings on every client machine. Security Server also keeps a centralized audit trail on all remote activity, so any unauthorized action can be traced and dealt with.

The advantages of using Netop Security Server

Protect your traffic Encrypt data at seven levels, up to 256 bits AES. Verify authentication with HMAC (SHA1 or SHA256). Exchange encryption keys with the Diffie-Hellman method, up to 2048 bits.

Protect your equipment Require up to six criteria before granting user access: authentication, authorization, MAC/IP address check, callback, closed user groups and user-controlled access.

Integrate, authenticate Verify identities via Netop, Windows, Directory Services, Smart Cards or RSA SecurID, integrating with your existing security policies.

Build fault-tolerance Establish multiple security servers, ensuring uptime with a fault-tolerant environment. If one fails, others take over without missing a beat.

For over 30 years, Netop has provided complex remote maintenance from one intuitive interface, so you can streamline costs, resolve technical difficulties anywhere, any time, and comply with rigorous security regulations while doing so.