Netop OnDemand web-based remote access software
  • Web-Based Remote Access Software

    Deliver on-demand remote support

    Netop OnDemand gives you short-term remote access to attended devices which aren’t already running the core components of Netop Remote Control.

    End users download a small, self-executing program, which establishes a secure connection without needing to reconfigure firewalls. This initiates an individual, temporary web-based remote support session. 

    Within seconds, a technician can access the device and see a real-time display of the user’s desktop on their own screen. When the session ends, it ends. OnDemand doesn’t leave a footprint; it deletes from the end user’s computer.

  • Try out Netop OnDemand web-based remote control for 30 days.

    Immediate remote support is just a few clicks away!

The advantages of Netop OnDemand remote access:

Efficiency rises Save time on communication: operate the user’s keyboard and mouse, and work like you’re there. When communication is necessary, OnDemand lets you chat (text, audio, video).

Costs fall OnDemand web-based remote support means better productivity, less IT travel and a smaller budget. Your administrative costs fall, as your IT staff can field more calls.

Security tightens OnDemand provides user-confirmed access and security roles to meet your end-users’ policies. With 256-bit AES data encryption, your sessions are safe from eavesdropping.

Satisfaction spikes Secure, direct connections; faster call resolution: with no third-party servers, the traffic pattern is straightforward. Uptime improves. So does the customer’s experience.