Netop Mobile: Mobile Remote Access Software
Netop Mobile: Secure Mobile Remote Control Software

Mobile Remote Access Software

Gain secure remote access and provide real-time mobile support

Netop Mobile lets you run Netop Remote Control on a mobile device, or support mobile devices from your IT service desk. Troubleshoot a Windows laptop from a technician’s iPad. Remotely access Android devices. Support specialized, handheld devices, including meter readers, scanners and handheld point-of-sale devices.

Forrester predicts that by 2016, 63 million US information workers will telecommute at least part of the time; enterprise organizations have to be able to support their mobile workforce. They also have to support the many mobile devices used on-site: point-of-sale scanners, handheld medical devices, smart devices carried by IT personnel roaming the office each day. The need for mobile remote access grows alongside the wave of mobile technology - Netop helps you keep pace with the current.

The advantages of Netop Mobile remote access software

Efficiency rises 
Support non-mobile devices from an iPad, access specialized handheld devices from your IT service desk or remotely access Android devices. Transfer files, control user keyboard and collect system information remotely.

Costs fall 
With competent IT support, your mobile workforce can accomplish more with fewer resources: more productivity for a smaller overhead. Netop Mobile provides the mobile remote access to support them.

Security tightens 
Netop Mobile lets you manage access rights and user authentication centrally, for or from the mobile devices you depend on: industry-leading encryption, multi-layer security features.

Satisfaction spikes 
With Netop you can configure hot keys for easy access to your IT service desk, making it easy for mobile users to get help. Secure, direct connections. Faster call resolution. Happier end-users.

For over 30 years, Netop has been helping organizations provide complex remote maintenance from one intuitive interface, so you can streamline costs, resolve technical difficulties anywhere, any time, and get more productivity from the resources you’re using.