Netop Gateway: Closed Network IT Support Software

Closed Network Access Solutions 

Ensure secure communications across closed networks & protocols

Netop Gateway provides access to closed networks through a single port of entry, so multiple technicians can access multiple devices at the same time.

Its job is to route Netop communication traffic between networks, while converting protocols – even those that are normally incompatible, like TCP and dial-up.

Gateway supports its own Terminal Service communication profile, and can even be used to route traffic inside a terminal or Citrix server, to or from the LAN. It can also bridge two networks that aren’t physically connected.

Netop Gateway readily handles traffic between many different Support Reps and Target Devices simultaneously. As a result, multiple sessions can take place on the same communication port and protocol, at the same time.

The advantages of Netop's closed network access software

Efficiency rises Netop Gateway bridges the divide between networks and protocols (TCP, UDP, HTTP and dial-up), so your IT staff can deal efficiently in a heterogeneous network environment.

Costs fall Address issues quickly, directly. Eliminate cost-prohibitive IT travel. Establish secure communication, even in scenarios where communication has a history of being difficult.

Security tightens Gateway supports all Netop encryption types. It also offers an extra layer of security through Gateway Access Privileges, where you can require a password, username and domain before routing communication.

Satisfaction spikes Who said it couldn’t be done? When previously incompatible networks are talking to each other, uptime improves – so does the customer’s experience.

For over 30 years, Netop has been providing complex remote maintenance from one intuitive interface, so you can streamline costs, resolve technical difficulties anywhere, any time, and get more productivity from the resources you’re using.