Remote Support for Windows Mobile Devices

Smartphones, tablets and handheld terminals are on the front line of business today. Any interruption can bring daily activities to a halt. To make the most of mobile technology you need a swift and secure solution to minimize downtime and maximize support efficiency.

Netop Remote Control for Windows mobile devices helps drive efficiencies enabling IT service representatives to instantly access mobile devices and quickly resolve incidents. That means faster problem resolution, less downtime and more productive end users.

IT support representatives can also use Netop Remote Control for Windows mobile to provide support while on the move, be it on a different floor of an office building, across town or in a different country.

Netop Remote Control provides:

  • Real-time screen transfer
  • Mouse and keyboard controls
  • Connectivity across LAN and Wi-Fi
  • Secure data with up to 256-bit AES encryption
  • Directory Services, Windows and Netop native password authentication
  • File transfer and more

Windows Tablet Requirements

Requires Windows 8 or later.
Compatible with Microsoft Surface Pro or Surface Pro 2.
Connectivity across LAN and Wi-Fi.

The Netop Mobile & Embedded module supports a variety of Windows embedded operating systems that maybe installed on other types of mobile devices. For more information, please click here.