A Solution that Flexes to Fit

How does Netop Remote Control actually accomplish what it does? How can it flex to fit the needs of your industry in general, your organization in particular? With the modules below, our solution can be configured to accomplish a variety of powerful functions with unparalleled flexibility.

Netop Remote Control The core components let your IT staff securely access and view any target machine. Take control of a device, resolve problems, troubleshoot errors, run updates and monitor performance.

Netop OnDemand Provides you with short-term access to systems that aren’t already running Netop Remote Control. By downloading a small, self-executing program, end users can get web-based support from your IT staff securely, without configuring firewalls. Operational in seconds.

Netop WebConnect For systems that are running Netop Remote Control, WebConnect provides ongoing, highly secure, borderless service for all your equipment and locations, without reconfiguring firewalls, proxies or routers.

Netop Security Server Manage permissions for hundreds to thousands of users, centrally. Comply with security regulations and implement security policies. Security Server works with your existing infrastructure and integrates with Directory Services, RSA SecurID, Smart Cards, more.

Netop Mobile Lets your IT staff use mobile devices to support the equipment you depend on: handheld scanners, meter readers, etc., also non-mobile equipment as well.

Netop Embedded Support and manage disparate task-specific systems, without transferring the screen data or interacting with the keyboard and mouse.

Netop Gateway Access closed networks through a single port of entry and route traffic between networks, while converting protocols.