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Enterprise-level remote access and secure remote support

Netop Remote Control gives technical support teams, customer service agents and network administrators a comprehensive set of tools to enable efficient remote support of end users and secure access to devices.  Netop Remote Control is an enterprise-level remote access software solution offering a level of security and a feature set not found in other remote support solutions.  From large retailers to government entities, organizations around the world turn to Netop for a single, consolidated solution that provides standards-compliant access to the broadest range of devices.

Why choose Netop remote access solutions?

Advanced Features | Netop Remote Control meets the needs of tech support agents with an intuitive feature set – including file transfer, chat, rapid screen transfer, and complete keyboard and mouse control.  You can also escalate and collaborate for faster issue resolution.   See the complete list of Netop Remote Control features here.

Benefits | Not only does Netop’s consolidated remote support solution decrease your security risk, it also helps your bottom line by allowing for faster call resolution times. Netop Remote Control offers high-speed connectivity to the widest possible array of devices – attended and unattended, within and beyond your network. Learn more about the benefits of using Netop Remote Control here.

Security | Half of the Fortune 100 has chosen Netop for remote support – they recognize Netop as the leader in secure remote access. Netop helps you re-define best security practices with complete session logging, multi-factor authentication, full audit trails and market-leading encryption. Learn more about Netop Remote Control security here.

Platform Support | No other software allows you to connect as many different operating systems and devices as Netop Remote Control. With Netop, you can connect Windows, Mac and Linux systems, as well as Toshiba 4690 and other POS and device platforms. See the broad range of platforms Netop Remote Control supports here.

Components | We know how complex the task of supporting an enterprise network is. We’ve developed a variety of modules to ensure fast, reliable connectivity within any environment. We support both locally hosted and cloud-based installations. Learn more about the different Netop Remote Control components here.

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