Video Tutorials

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Getting Started

  • Navigating Vision

  • Creating a Classroom

  • Connecting and Disconnecting from Classrooms

  • Requesting Student Names

  • Supervising Student Computers with Vision

  • Blank Student Screens

  • Screen-sharing Demonstrations

  • Showcase a Student Screen

  • Lock Web Access

  • Supervising with Live View

  • Using Pointer Tools

  • Using the TeachPad

Beyond Basics

  • Managing Preferences

  • Provide Instant Help with Chat

  • Poll and Quiz Students

  • Customizing the Vision Desktop

  • Distributing Files

  • Filter Instead of Block Web Access

  • Additional Pointer Features

  • Remotely Controlling Computers

  • Screenshot On-screen Notes

  • Remotely Launch Applications on Student Computers

  • Customizing the Vision Toolbar

Pro Features

  • Pro Overview

  • Getting Started

  • Remotely Log On Student Computers

  • Web Control and Resource Lists

Vision Learning Center

  • Learning Center Overview

  • Getting Started with Learning Center

  • Creating Assessments

  • The Admin Menu