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    Securely Support All Users

    Safely perform remote support, file transfer and maintenance with industry-leading encryption and the most comprehensive security system on the market. Centralized rights administration allows you to enforce who is allowed to do what, where and when.  Manage user access through SmartCard, RSA and Directory Services authentication, closed user groups, call backs and user controlled access.  Netop Remote Control Solutions are Payment Card Industry compliant and provide extensive logging of all activities for tracking and audits.


    Case study: Secure support for financial institutions

    Aton Capital, a leading player in Russia’s booming financial sector, chose Netop Remote Control to improve centralized administration and reduce IT support costs without limiting security.  Information technology plays a critical role at Aton, whose support group receives 50-100 calls every day.

    “Security is essential for a financial institution like Aton.  On the one hand we need to ensure that only authorized IT personnel can connect to a user’s PC.  It is also critical that specific user groups can be assigned the right to confirm or block remote access.”

    Gregory Vasiliev, Aton Capital


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    Case study: Secure support for healthcare industry

    Netop On Demand is used at Laegernes EDB Central to securely provide support to doctors and consultants across Denmark and help with highly confidential administrative tasks, such as updating patient journals. Prior to using Netop On Demand, support involved phone calls trying to figure out the problem, and frequent trips to resolve the issues, sometimes as much as 200 kilometers.

    “It would be hard for me to be more satisfied.  We are very pleased with the reliability and ease of use – in every way this is a very nice product!Netop On Demand has helped us to improve our customer service tremendously.  This product makes us more professional because we can respond quickly and effectively to service requests”

    Per Winther, Laegernes EDB Central


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