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    Reduce Time Spent Resolving Issues

    With Netop Remote Solutions, you can work as if you were in front of the end user’s computer.  You can see the exact error message, find the relevant configuration information and resolve the issue in one single, interactive session.  No more costly time spent exchanging emails and phone calls, all the while trying to picture the issue and understand the problem.  Easy, centralized deployment and administration eliminate travel time too. Communicate with the end user via text, audio and video chat for even faster resolution.  Plus, you can support computers with no end user present – power the computer on/off, edit BIOS settings and remotely install operating systems (requires Intel vPro chipset).


    Case study: Cost reductions at Sir Robert McAlpine

    Sir Robert McAlpine, one of the UK’s leading construction companies, was faced with a growing employee base of over 1,000 at 11 regional offices and numerous building sites throughout the UK.  When it became increasingly more laborious to support all employees with a quality experience and in a timely manner, Sir Robert McAlpine selected Netop Remote Control. Implementation of Netop Remote Control led to a much smoother handling of day to day support issues, reducing the resolution time from one hour to just 12 minutes.

    “We needed a remote solution to support our growing workforce.  It was clear that Netop’s technology was ahead of the game.  Fixing problems over the phone lead to confusion and inconsistency, but now employees just sit back and watch the problem being fixed in minutes. We reduced our support time by 80%.”

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    Case study: Faster support at San Juan Medical Center

    The San Juan Medical Center employs about 1,400 people in 10 different locations.  Before Netop Remote Control, when support technicians were needed, users were required to set up an appointment for the technicians to visit the site to resolve the problems.  When they faced a large software deployment that would involve removing and installing software versions on each computer, they turned to Netop with centralized software deployment capabilities.  Incident resolution time also improved dramatically, as technicians spent more time supporting customers and less time traveling.

    “The best thing was that we saved a bunch of money in terms of hours that could have been wasted by staff traveling out to each site and performing the procedure separately, at each individual station. Users love the speed of response that we can now provide for any technical issue that may arise.”

    Roger Harrison, San Juan Medical Center

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