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    Help Desk Support Solutions

    Providing timely, efficient and cost-effective technical support for all customers is one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses today.  A support incident can involve a tricky diagnostic process, with most of the time spent trying to understand the actual problem.  This is further complicated when multiple operating systems exist, customers exist outside the network, and an increasing number of mobile devices must be supported.

    Netop Remote Solutions put you at your customer’s computer, allowing you to provide expert technical support anytime and anywhere.  With Netop Remote Solutions, you can see the exact error message and resolve the issue in one single, interactive session. Netop Remote Control, Netop On Demand and Netop Mobile and Embedded integrate seamlessly in an intuitive interface, to support a variety of devices, both inside and outside your network. Best of all, Netop Remote Solutions feature industry leading security and encryption and the most comprehensive platform support on the market. 


    Reduce time spent resolving issues

    Diagnose issues quickly through screen sharing, text, audio and video chat for immediate problem resolution. Learn more

    Securely support all users

    Perform remote support, maintenance and file transfer protected by industry leading security.
    Learn more

    Provide anytime and anywhere support

    Take control of computers, servers, mobile devices and embedded systems across multiple platforms and networks.  Learn more