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    Provide Anytime and Anywhere Support

    Netop supports more platforms than other remote control solutions, so you can take control of all your devices and provide support for all of your customers. Need to support users across heterogeneous networks?  Netop WebConnect enables secure, Internet-based remote access, without configuring firewalls proxies or routers and without relying on 3rd party servers.  Whether you need to support servers, PCs, mobile devices or embedded systems, Netop enables secure, anytime and anywhere remote maintenance, management and support. 

    Case study: 24/7 support at Wesco

    Wesco’s chain of convenience stores in the U.S. relies on Netop to support their “Pay-at-the-Pump” fuel dispensing system.  When a site has an issue with a pump system, they use Netop to dial-in to the store and fix the problem remotely.  Netop works with their battery back-up system, so even if a store loses power, they can dial in to inspect the system.

    “We use Netop for everything from ‘checking up’ and remote program installations, to major file transfers...I never have to leave my desk”

    Bill Hubbard, Wesco

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    Case study: Fast, centralized support at AB Vassilopoulos

    AB Vassilopoulos, a large supermarket in Greece, selected Netop Remote Control to support their grocery stores because of Netop’s cross-platform ability, Gateway connectivity and inventory and scripting features.  Netop Remote Solutions provide AB Vassilopoulos the highest level of centrally managed secure connectivity and support all of their communication protocols.

    “The main advantage of Netop is that it allows us to provide centralized maintenance for all our stores.  And its speed is also a huge advantage.  It makes it very easy to support quick decisions.”

    Mavromichalis Tasos, AB Vassilopoulos

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    Case study: Cross-platform solution at Michael Huber Munchen

    Michael Huber Munchen, a leading worldwide ink manufacturer, selected Netop Remote Control and Netop On Demand to support more than 700 installed hardware systems and almost 600 employees.  Michael Huber Munchen sought a solution to support all internal, cross-platform hardware and software systems that could also integrate with external systems into one, corporate-wide help desk solution.

    “While Netop integrates remote control and on demand support via the Internet, we would have required at least two different applications if we had decided on any competitive application”

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