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Commercial Training Solutions from Netop

Commercial training centers and company training departments are challenged today to deliver better and more effective training for growing numbers of students and employees with fewer resources than ever before. At Netop, we understand these challenges. For more than ten years we've been working with corporate training departments and commercial training providers to deliver easier and more effective ways to teach with technology. Our industry-leading classroom management software solutions, Netop School6 and Vision, are essential tools for IT training, and are now standard equipment for computer training labs around the world. And our Netop Learning Center learning management system delivers best-in-class e-learning at businesses and training centers throughout the Nordic countries.

Innovative ways of learning                 Boosting effective training at JYSK
Life at sea runs smoothly with LMS      Nordic businesses improve on-line training

Whether your business is training, or training and development is essential to your business, Netop provides the technology training solutions you need.


Innovative ways of learning at the Commercial Vocational College of Solothurn

The Commercial Vocational College of Solothurn (CVCS) in Switzerland enrolls 850 students, and provides commercial professional certification and training to become a retail clerk or medical assistant. The staff at CVCS is proud of its innovative infrastructure. In addition to Microsoft Office and standard industry solutions, Netop Vision classroom management software is used in the training center's up-to-date information technology classrooms.

Training students to work with new computer applications

One of the challenges in classes that use computers for instruction is demonstrating the use of new computer applications. Even with a projector, students have difficulty repeating what is being taught on their own computers. Vision classroom management software from Netop allows the instructor to demonstrate a concept onto each individual computer screen so students can easily see the steps.  Vision offers instructors new, innovative ways of dealing with the challenge of teaching detailed or new material to a group of students.

"Vision is a tool to help me be a more effective mentor in the classrooms . I can give support where it is needed, get the undivided attention of all of my students during the lessons and access the individual work of the entire class."

Freddy Staub, Informational Technology Instructor, Commercial Vocational College of Soluthurn

Optimal assistance for individualized instruction

With Netop Vision, student activity is easily managed. If steps need to be demonstrated while material is being taught and the group's entire attention is needed, the instructor just locks the student computers with a click of the mouse. If the class is working individually and a student needs an additional explanation of the materials, the instructor can access the student's computer directly and demonstrate the necessary steps, or send the student the contents of the instructor screen. In the chat mode, the students and instructor can communicate with each other without the conversation disturbing the rest of the class. If the example is relevant for all, the instructor can display the information on every student computers with a click of the mouse.

"Vision supports me in my endeavors to accomodate the individual needs of the students and thereby helps me to provide each one of them with the most they can get out of the course."

Fredy Staub

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Netop Learning Center boosts effective training at JYSK

The Danish business man, Lars Larsen, opened his first bedding shop in 1979, and since then the JYSK empire has grown to a global group with shops in 26 different countries and a staff of nearly 12,000. As a result of massive global growth, JYSK has acknowledged its acute need to have effective and measurable control over its employee training program. E-learning has become one of the preferred training methods within the company.

"Before we used traditional methods to train our employees. We had a mobile team of skilled trainers that drove out to our employees and trained them up in the new systems and products. We didn't have a centralized system for the training, which made the process even more cumbersome. Later, we changed to e-learning, but with our old system it wasn't possible to follow up on completed courses and, as a result, we had no precise data that could tell us whether the trianing had any value."

Pernille Skou, E-Learning Consultant, JYSK

A year ago, the company decided to optimize the training process even further and, after a long and thorough testing process, Netop Learning Center was chosen.

"Out of the many products that we tested, there was no doubt that Netop Learning Center was the right choice for us. We had a list of tough specifications regarding availability and usability that needed to be within a simple and straightforward design, and these requirements were met by Netop Learning Center."

Pernille Skou

JYSK saves time and resources with the Netop Learning Center

The Netop Learning Center works as a central education system for JYSK's shop assistants, with the main focus on IT system training and new products. With the Netop Learning Center, JYSK can also continuously keep itself informed on who has completed courses and what the results were. Using the Netop Learning Center eases the training workflow and frees up resources at JYSK, and that is good for business.

"Netop Learning Center allows us to quickly find out who needs training and who needs to be refreshed on our different systems. This means we can be quicker at strengthening the competencies of our employees and, not least, save money."

Pernille Skou

Life at sea runs more smoothly with Netop Learning Center

More than 1,250 crewmembers of the Danish shipping company, Torm, now have access to essential training and certification documentation through an Internet-based employee portal developed using the Netop Learning Center.

Life as a crewmember on one of Torm's vessels is full of exciting experiences. On the oceans, there are new challenges to surmount each day. But for life at sea to run smoothly, it is crucial that crewmembers' personal documents are properly organized and updated - from vaccination certificates to evidence of vocational test and training. In the past, whenever crewmembers could not present valid and up-to-date certificates, an official notation was made, and this could be risky for the crew as well as the shipping company itself.

Online competence development and revolutionary crew evaluation

TORM’s electronic employee portal was developed by Green-Jakobsen A/S, a Danish consulting firm, which specializes in the development of web-based portals for the maritime world based on the Netop Learning Center.

"TORM’s employees do not just have to show valid personal documents and certificates. They must also be able to document them anytime, so that they can easily check whether or not they have already acquired the right professional training on safety, terrorist prevention, and cargo handling, for example. Previously, these competencies had to be obtained and developed while the crew was on vacation, but the employee portal competence area now makes it possible for crewmembers to take the required courses online—regardless of where in the world they are physically located." 

Bjarke Jakobsen, Green-Jakobsen A/S

The portal is also the electronic basis for a completely new evaluation system that TORM has just established for off-signing officers. It involves the Captain, the First Officer, the Chief Engineer, and the First Engineer. The off-signing officer will make a self-assessment, and the three other officers in the team will also assess him at the same time. TORM has developed a completely new evaluation form for the portal, which makes it possible for the concerned individuals to make an objective assessment based on previously agreed criteria.

"Netop Learning Center gives us the possibility to take TORM to the leading edge of development through electronic competency development and knowledge sharing. The program is both user-friendly and easy to access, and the security is absolutely excellent."

Bjarke Jacobsen

Nordic Businesses Improve Online Training with Netop Learning Center

Most companies work with internal training, but only a few have a structured plan for how to maintain the knowledge that employees acquire. With the Netop Learning Center, you can, on an ongoing basis, evaluate the relevant courses and the individual participant's results, and the participants can go back in the training program and repeat what they have learned. With this online-based maintenance of knowledge, the traditional learning curve is broken and the company is assured a competitive advantage in terms of knowledge, and not least satisfaction, amongst employees who receive professional challenges on an ongoing basis.


Businesses throughout the Nordic region have adopted the Netop Learning Center as their learning management system. The NetOp Learning Center is typically used in the following areas:

  • Testing and certification -  which provides course participants with the ability to take tests and certificates online
  • Product training - all answers are evaluated automatically and the participants get direct feedback. The administrator can create an automatic evaluation model that tells the participant when he or she has passed the test.
  • Self study - makes it possible for course participants themselves to decide when and where they want to take a course or a test.

"Netop Learning Center is a very dynamic platform that ensures the highest possible degree of flexibility both for employers and employees. Research shows that course participants lose a large part of the knowledge they acquire immediately after a course. Netop Learning Center makes it possible for participants themselves to follow up on the courses and certificates they have taken. Knowledge creates growth and this ultimately gives a company a head start over competitors that do not focus on this area."

Ole Haag, Product Manager, Netop

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