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    Classroom Management Solutions

    Managing the modern classroom

    Imagine a telephone, The New York Times, a dozen magazines, stacks of CD's, a video game console and a pile of personal mail delivered to your students' desks every morning. No educator would tolerate it, yet every day students sit down in front of computers that allow them to talk to anyone in the world, read the news, listen to music, play games or read personal mail in the classroom. Students have never had more access to so much - both good and bad.

    Educators know that creating an orderly and safe environment is essential for student learning. The strategies educators use to manage student behavior and create successful classroom environments have changed dramatically over the last decade with the introduction of computers into the classroom.

    Classroom management used to simply mean the external cues to influence student behavior - the physical arrangement of the desks and the routines and guidelines established to ensure a productive learning environment. The challenge of teaching in a technology environment requires new strategies and tools, such as classroom management software.

    What is classroom management software?

    Today the term classroom management software is commonly used to describe software that combines screen-sharing technology that enhances teaching, with control functions that enable teachers to guide student learning on computers. Classroom management software is designed for use in school computer labs, corporate training centers, or any classroom that incorporates computers. Some basic classroom management software features include:

    • The ability to conduct dynamic demonstrations from the teacher's computer that are displayed on student computer screens.
    • Real-time monitoring of student computer screens from the teacher's computer, enabling supervision of student computer work.
    • Remote control capabilities that enable the teacher to take control of a student's computer and guide them through key tasks.
    • Internet access and application control features that enable the teacher to guide student web surfing and application use.
    • Communication and collaboration features such as the ability to initiate chat sessions with students, or have students lead demonstrations.
    • Time-saving features for opening applications and Web sites on student computers or distributing and collecting assignments that make teaching more efficient.

    Premium classroom management solutions offer significant additional capabilities, such as annotation sofware to add emphasis to lessons, lesson planning and recording, and online testing that are particularly valuable for those educators who teach mainly with computers.

    The leader in classroom management software

    Netop has been developing classroom management software for more than ten years, and is well known for Netop School, the premier classroom management solution for today's networked classrooms and computer labs. In 2008, Netop acquired GenevaLogic, makers of Vision6, the leading brand of classroom management software in the United States and many other countries. With this combination, Netop has become the world leader in classroom management solutions.


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