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    Educational Value of Classroom Management Software

    The benefits of classroom management software are well understood by the tens of thousands of teacher and trainers around the world who use the software in their classrooms and computer labs. Teachers tell us that classroom management software engages the attention of their students because lessons appear directly on their computer screens. Distractions are removed from the learning environment, and direct modeling enables students to grasp concepts more quickly, and retain them better over time. Recently an independent study demonstrated that the use of classroom management software results in a measurable and significant improvement in student achievement.

    Direct modeling makes teaching more effective, improves retention

    Using Netop's Vision classroom management software, Daniel Gould, a middle school language arts teacher in Whitefish, Mont., has found it easier to teach computer applications to his seventh and eighth-grade students.

    "Students understand complex, computer-related instruction much better because it's right in front of them on their own screens. They see it, then they do it," Gould says, adding "Their retention is better, so that amount of time struggling with the program is reduced, and they can get their work done."

    Daniel Gould, Whitefish Public Schools

    Most gratifying is that students seem to better retain information, so there's less re-teaching of computer applications during the school year.

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    Inspiring student achievement, reducing failure rates

    "Utilizing a classroom management system improves the final grade average in the order of a full grade step, far fewer students fail, and the spread of grades is significantly narrower. In addition, the overall classroom setting improves in terms of behavior and discipline."

    Dr. Robert Joyce, Elon University