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    Choosing Classroom Management Software

    Finding the right classroom management software solution for your educational needs is simple when you work with Netop, the leader in classroom management software. We offer two families of classroom management software, Netop School6 and Netop Vision, that provide educators with a range of solutions to meet varying needs and budgets. Both come with a full year of outstanding technical support to ensure your classroom, school or training center runs smoothly.

    Netop School6 - The premier classroom management software solution

    Netop School6 Classroom Management Software

    Prepare for class, teach your students and evaluate their work with Netop School6, the premier classroom management solution for today's networked classrooms. Learn more.

    Netop Vision7 - The easy and effective classroom management software

    Netop Vision6 Classroom Management Software

    The easiest way to teach with computers, Netop Vision7 is the popular classroom management software that has been proven to improve student performance. Learn more.



    Why choose Vision as your classroom management solution?

    Consider Vision first if you ...

    ...want the easiest-to-use classroom management software. Vision is easy to use from the teacher's perspective - even for teachers with limited experience teaching with technology

    ...want advanced tools for guiding student Internet use. Vision's web lock feature not only effectively blocks unwanted HTTP, FTP and HTTPS access, it makes it incredibly easy to direct students to web sites approved for their particular lesson.

    ...intend to quickly and fully control which applications students use. Vision's application control features let you launch programs in Kiosk mode so that students can only use what the teacher has opened on their computers.

    ...want push-button control of student computers. With the Netop TeachPad, teachers can stop web surfing, lock down all student computers and share their screen with the classroom from a unique easy-to-use keypad.

    Learn more about Netop Vision

    Download a free trial of Netop Vision now



    Why choose Netop School6 as your classroom management solution?

    Consider Netop School6 first if you ...

    ...want to prepare your lessons at home. Netop School's USB feature lets you set up multiple lessons in advance.

    ...want to broadcast multimedia content. Netop School6 has a fantastic mechanism for sharing audio/video content with your students.

    ...want to evaluate your students using online quizzes and tests. Netop School includes powerful tools for creating and managing online tests.

    ...want a rich set of features in an interface that is designed to streamline teaching, and that can be customized to meet individual teaching needs.

    Learn more about Netop School6

    Download a free trial of Netop School6 now