Remote IT Support for Healthcare

HIPAA Compliant Remote Support Solutions

Protect your data and deliver comprehensive remote IT support

In critical patient care situations, the rapid resolution of technical support problems is of the utmost importance. From a single user interface, Netop provides remote access to any desktop, server or embedded system in your network or outside it. Further, our integrated security tools protect your IT environment and patient data, helping you comply with HIPAA and other rigorous security standards.

Remote IT Support Software: HIPAA Compliant Remote Access Solutions



Learn how Netop Remote Control ensures secure IT support for healthcare

  • Screen Transfer & More. Get full access to the mobile device: view screens, control keyboards and mice and perform remote administrative jobs such as registry editing and task and service management.

    Closed User Groups. Implement an additional layer of security: any request to connect from unauthorized license keys will be rejected.

    File Transfer. Give support staff the ability to transfer files and directories between computers.

    Confirm Access. Allow end users to close sensitive files/views before letting a support representative access his or her computer.

    Centralized Access Management. The Netop Security Server provides centralized security, administration, authentication and authorization of all remote control users. We also integrate with Microsoft’s Active Directory, RSA and more.

  • Audit Trails. All Netop events can be logged, and physical session recordings of screen activity can be centrally maintained.

    View Only. Grant doctors (and others) access to medical devices, but limit their ability to control the device.

    iOS Access. Give doctors and technicians the freedom to access, view and support medical equipment from an iPad, iPhone or iTouch.

    HIPAA Compliance. With our highly secure and configurable solution, you can deploy a HIPAA-compliant remote access strategy across your organization.

    Encryption. Protect transmitted data using built-in 256-bit AES encryption.

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