Toshiba 4690 Remote Support

Toshiba 4690 Remote Control Software

Secure Remote Access to Toshiba 4690

Maintain secure remote support for one of retail's premier POS platforms

In partnership with Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, Netop introduced secure remote support for the Toshiba 4690 operating system, making the world's most trusted remote control solution an ideal fit for one of the premier POS platforms in the retail industry. Retailers and their authorized internal and external support personnel can now:

  • Establish secure remote connections directly to any 4690 Controllers.
  • Troubleshoot, diagnose and manage 4690 Controllers from a remote location.
  • Transfer the graphical display and control the remote keyboard and mouse.
  • Escalate and collaborate with multiple connections to the same 4690 Controller.

Ensure secure remote access

As a pioneer in remote access solutions, Netop Remote Control not only helps companies support end users and technology assets across disparate platforms, devices, networks and locations, but also adhere to strict industry compliance regulations, such as PCI-DSS.

When connecting to 4690 Controllers, Netop Remote Control enables retailers to:

  • Integrate with Directory Services to govern and validate remote support sessions against an existing identity management system such as Active Directory.
  • Ensure all communication is protected using 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Automatically log and record remote activity so retailers have complete audit trails of remote sessions.

How to get started?

Using Netop within a 4690 Controller environment requires the following software components:

  • The Netop Host which is installed on the 4690 Controller and is required as part of the 4690 extension creation and deployment process as instructed by Toshiba.
  • The Netop Guest which is installed on the machine used by the person requiring remote control to the 4690 Controller, i.e. Support Representative or Store Manager.
  • The Netop Security Server which provides centralized access control for your Netop Remote Control environment.

Netop Remote Control is available for Toshiba 4690 Controllers running version 6.4 or later. To get started with your free trial, complete the short sign-up process and get immediate access to the required files.