Remote Access from the Netop Portal

Now you can subscribe to the Netop Remote Control Portal, which makes remote desktop connections quicker and easier than ever. Use Netop OnDemand for remote access sessions that can be launched in an instant – with no download required.

Learn About The Netop Portal

With the Netop Portal, you can create secure remote sessions directly from a browser window. Like all Netop software, the Portal offers enterprise-grade security, efficiency and flexibility.

Secure remote desktop management


Security is vital when it comes to remote access and creating secure connections to devices. Each remote session is fully encrypted and integrated with the Portal’s centralized roles and permissions.

The Portal provides you a comprehensive dashboard, with log files for users, devices and sessions stored in a single location. Netop also protects your business by offering granular controls, so you can grant device remote access based on IP address, location, time of day, or even at the whitelisted application level.

Since Netop offers the most secure remote access solution in market, IT admins can be confident that devices are accessible only by authorized users and groups. For an additional security layer, the Netop Portal has native multifactor authentication –or it can be integrated with your existing MFA solution.

Centralized dashboard, flexible configurations


Netop software is designed to give you centralized control while keeping your deployment options flexible enough for any kind of business.

When you use the Portal, user management is simple and efficient, with full integration into network directories like Azure AD, LDAP, RADIUS, and AD Federation. Each named user in the Portal can launch and manage up to 10 concurrent OnDemand sessions.

For companies that want total control and dedicated access, the Portal can be deployed in a virtual private cloud.

The Portal has flexible pricing options too. It is available as a subscription or in combination with perpetual licenses, depending on your business needs.

Fast and efficient connections


Initiate a remote access session to an unattended device from a browser window and enjoy lightning-fast screen transfer – with no prior installation needed – or download a Guest module for more comprehensive controls.

You can also create OnDemand remote access sessions to instantly connect to attended devices. Launch up to 10 concurrent sessions per named user.

With these features, IT and support teams can be more agile, responsive, and effective than ever.


Get Started with the Netop Portal


Add a subscription to the Portal today, or request a custom quote. Pricing information is here. You can also sign up to try the Portal free for a month.

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