Industry-Leading Remote Control Software

Netop Remote Control software lets you securely access any device with confidence. Our platform is flexible enough to adapt to the most complex network setups, with a consolidated interface that maximizes the efficiency and effectiveness of your team.

Switch to the remote support alternative your business deserves

In a crowded sea of remote support options, there’s only one software solution that stands out. Hint: it’s not the one you’re currently using (unless you’re already using Netop).

We’re so confident in our remote control software that we dare you to see how your current solution compares. Seriously. No other remote control desktop software on the market offers better flexibility, security, and pricing.

Remote control software that fits your business no matter how complex

Netop’s remote access software solution is built on the principle that no two businesses are exactly alike. After developing systems and networks that allow your company to run smoothly and efficiently, you shouldn’t have to alter your flow to fit remote access software.

At Netop we believe that any worthwhile remote control support solution should seamlessly adapt to the business and IT environment that’s already in place. We’ve built a flexible solution that adapts to any network configuration, allowing you to immediately increase the effectiveness of your troubleshooting and support efforts.

Remote computer access software that satisfies any compliance standard

Netop offers an industry-leading remote desktop software solution that comes standard with end-to-end encryption and robust logging and authentication protocols. Plus, our software exceeds the compliance standards set forth by PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPPA and others. You don’t compromise on your product standards, so why should you compromise on security?

Switch to Netop and worry less about cyber-attacks and bad actors. While we can't offer you a silver bullet that secures everything, with Netop Remote Control, your remote access and remote desktop solutions are no longer a threat vector.

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