Release History - Vision 365

  • 10.6.1471 (4 of July 2020)


    Added support for G Suite for Education

    Administrators can now add G Suite for Education as the authentication method and classroom provider for the Vision 365 applications by using a domain policy:
    Setting name: ClassroomProvider
    Setting type: StringMicrosoft Teams for Education is the default authentication method and classroom provider.for the Vision Teacher and Student applications.

    • If the value of the setting is "Google" then the authentication provider is Google and classroom provider is G Suite for Education.
    • If the setting is not present or if the value is "Microsoft" then the authentication provider is Microsoft and the classroom provider is Microsoft Teams for Education.
    • Both the Student and the Teacher applications need to have the same configuration (Microsoft or Google).

    Moved the Google Analytics Opt-Out domain policy for the Vision Student application to the Vision Portal. From the Admin policies > App behaviour, administrators can Enable or Disable Google analytics. We will also continue to support the current domain policy based counterpart for a while so you'll have plenty of time to migrate.

    Fixes and improvements

    • The Student application can use any port assigned by the operating system to listen to the "Start classroom" message from the Teacher application.
    • Solved an issue with classes with a very large number of members (teachers and students), that sometimes caused the Teacher application to not display all students in the class.
    • Fixed the display of the student full name for the Japanese locale and now the last name comes before the first name.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the Teacher application from displaying the student's full name when the first and last name are blank in the Azure user profile. If both fields are empty, the application displays the information read from the Name field in the Azure user profile.

    NOTE: The App behaviour section in the Vision Portal will be available to the Vision 365 users after the next release of the Netop Vision Portal.

  • 10.6.1442 (26 of May 2020)


    The Vision 365 Web Filter for the new Microsoft Edge (Chromium based) browser.
    The Web Filter extension for Microsoft Edge is installed through the  "Vision Control Component" (MSI) and cannot be uninstalled nor disabled by the Student.

    Fixes and improvements:

    • Improved support for the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) protocol.
    • Solved an issue that allows a Student to see the list of classes he or she belongs to after signing in to the Teacher application with this account.
    • Fixed an issue that allows a Teacher to see in the Classrooms page the list of classes he or she belongs to as a Student.

    To set up a Work or school account to easily sign in the Vision 365 applications follow the steps described:

  • 10.6.1420 (29 of April 2020)


    Vision 365 Teacher application support added for connecting through the router by using the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) protocol. For cases where direct network connections between the teacher and the students are not possible. We hope that this will provide the needed support for Teachers running their classes online and remotely. For more information about UPnP, refer to the following link.

    There are a number of prerequisites for this feature to work:

    • support for the UPnP protocol in the router
    • Network Discovery turned ON in the active network profile
    • IP restriction in the Vision Portal different from "Match the teacher IP address"
  • 10.6.1405 (24 of April 2020)


    A new visual theme for the Student app blocking features are added.
    Teachers can select the desired visual theme in the Teacher Settings from the Vision Portal.

    Fixes and improvements:

    The following settings are added to allow admins to adjust bandwidth consumption and network timeout:

    • NetworkTimeout
    • ThumbnailInterval
    • DemoFramesPerSecond
    • DemoQuality



  • 10.5.1377 (8 of April 2020)


    • You can now mark a Filter Web list as favorite.

    Click on the star icon on the card to mark the list as favorite. When you apply the Filter Web feature, the favorite lists are considered ahead of the non-favorite ones in the suggested links list in the student browser.

    Fixes and improvements:

    • The classes in the Classrooms page are now displayed in natural sort order. For more information about Natural sort order, refer to the following link.
    • Removed duplicate URL's from the suggested links that are displayed in the student browser when you apply the Filter Web feature.
    • To help improve the user experience when navigating to the Filter Web Lists page a progress bar is displayed while the lists are retrieved from the Vision Portal.
    • Fixed some minor UI issues when refreshing the Filter Web Lists page.
  • 10.5.1350 (13 of March 2020)


    • Support added for the "Automatically start classes after opening them" option in the Netop Vision Portal.
      When you enable it in the Vision Portal, the setting starts the classroom when you select it in the Classrooms page.
      This setting is enabled by default. To disable this setting, use the toggle button in the Teacher Settings section.
    • Support added for the "Stop a started class" option in the Netop Vision Portal.
      If you select any duration except "Never" (the default value), the Vision class stops after that period of time. 
      When you select any option except "Never", next time you start a class, Vision notifies you that it is set to automatically end the class provides you with the option to turn off the timer.
      Before the class is scheduled to stop, a reminder is displayed with the option to delay the stop time.

    Added a link to the Vision Portal, where you can:

    • Opt to start Vision when you select the class
    • Set a timer to automatically end the class
    • Create, Edit, and Enable Filter Web lists
      The link is added to the menu as "More settings".

    Fixes and improvements

    • Changed how the Vision 365 Filter Web extension for Mozilla FIrefox is installed, due to the latest changes in Firefox 74.
  • 10.5.1310 (20 of February 2020)


    The Vision 365 Teacher application reports the following classroom events in the Vision Portal and are available as usage reports in the Admin Reports tab:

    • Start / Stop class
    • Student joins / Leaves class
    • Dismiss student from class / recall student to class
    • Start / Stop Demo, Attention or Filter Web
    • Send a message
    • Push a link

    Domain administrators can retrieve and print the Vision usage reports that provide organization administrators with an overview on how the Vision 365 application is used.

    Fixes and improvements:

    • You can clear the selection of the students using the ESC key
    • An issue that caused the classroom to be displayed when refreshing the Classroom page, even if it was deleted in the Microsoft Teams portal, is fixed.
    • An issue that caused the "Empty Classrooms" information to be displayed when refreshing the Classroom page, even if the classroom was created in the MIcrosoft Teams portal, is fixed.
    • A new application state is introduced for when there is no internet connection when the Vision 365 Student application starts. After reconnection to the internet, the application continues with the normal flow.
  • 10.4.1277 (31 of January 2020)

    Fixes and improvements


    • The issue that caused the Vision 365 Teacher application to not display any classroom, when the Windows account name contained special letters: Ä/ä, Ö/ö, Ü/ü, ẞ/ß is fixed.
    • The issue that sometimes caused adding duplicate values in the history of the Push a Link feature is fixed.
    • German translation updates.

  • 10.4.1255 (23 of December 2019)

    Fixes and improvements:

    • Fixed an issue with the selection of students in the Active Classroom which sometimes caused a feature to apply to the entire classroom instead of the selected students.
    • The TeachPad "Eye" button from the "Classroom" page activation has been changed to the "Active Classroom" page activation.
  • 10.4.1231 (6 of December 2019)


    *Management of the Filter Web lists (except ON or OFF) is removed from the application; this can be done through the Vision Portal.

        A teacher can open the Vision Portal from the following places:

    • The "Add list" button from the Filter Web lists page when no filters are applied.
    • The "Add, Edit or Delete lists" buttons from the main toolbar of the Filter Web lists page.
    • The "Edit this list in Vision Portal" button available on each filter card.

    *Added opt-in analytics in the Vision 365 Teacher application; admins can overwrite this through a domain policy. Refer to the Vision 365 Admin Guide for more information on how to opt-out analytics.

    *Support added for the next version of the Netop TeachPad; the TeachPad is a hardware accessory that you plug into the USB port on the teacher's computer.

         The Netop TeachPad performs the following functions:

    • Activate Classroom page
    • Demo
    • Attention
    • Filter Web
    • Stop all features

    Fixes and improvements:

    • Fixed an issue with the Filter Web URLs containing subdomains and parameters, which were blocked by the Vision 365 Web Filter extension.
    • Solved an issue which sometimes caused Vision 365 Teacher application to display an empty Classroom page
    • Various fixes and improvements



  • 10.4.1178 (23 of October 2019)


    The Vision 365 Teacher application displays a friendly page when:

    • there is no classroom created
    • there are no students in the classroom

    Fixes and improvements:

    • the performance and memory consumption of the Teacher application when switching between classrooms is improved
    • other small fixes



  • 10.3.1162 (2 October 2019)

    • New function:

      • The Vision 365 Teacher application displays a friendly page when there is no license registered for the organization's domain or the current license has expired.
      • Added the option to show or hide offline students in a started class (from the overflow menu ...), as well as custom student order.


      • Various fixes and improvements

  • 10.3.1116 (19 of August 2019)

    Fixes and improvements:

    • The Classroom Manager has been renamed to Classrooms.
    • An issue has been fixed with enabling/disabling a big Filter Web list which sometimes caused the VIsion 365 Teacher application to crash.
    • An issue has been fixed with the selection of the students from the Active Classroom which was lost when returning from the Classroom Manager.
    • An issue has been fixed with the elapsed time information from "Message from Teacher" screen was not being refreshed for some scenarios.
    • Other small fixes.
  • 10.2.1091 (18 July 2019)

    • New function:  Send a message

      • Send a message to one or more students, up to 200 characters in length.
      • The message can be sent as a notficiation or as a full-screen message.  When sent as full-screen, the student(s) must dismiss the message in order to continue working on their laptop.

    • Added status indicators to Student cards:

      • offline - the student is not connected
      • dismissed - the student is dismissed
      • limited access - the student has one of the control features enabled
      • all allowed

    • Various fixes and improvements
  • 10.2.1044 (21 June 2019)

    • New function:  Dismiss students

      • A teacher will be able to remove students from the current class, allowing them to join other classrooms or to freely use their devices. Once dismissed, the students remain in that state until the classroom restarts or they are recalled by the teacher. To use this feature in a started class, select students, then choose "Dismiss from class" from the "See more" menu in the selection toolbar.


      • Dismissed students may be recalled to class by selecting the student thumbnail and then selecting "Recall to class".

  • 10.2.1025 (6 June 2019)

    • Mozilla Firefox is added as a supported browser for the Vision 365 Web Filter.

      • A policy is enabled to prevent the use of the "Private Window" in Mozilla Firefox.

    • Fixed an issue causing "Element not found" error message in the Vision 365 student app.
  • 10.2.1022 (22 of May 2019)

    Fixed a translation error in Dutch.

  • 10.2.1017 (22 May 2019)

    • In the Active Classroom screen, student thumbnails can be reordered by dragging and dropping them into new positions.

      • When a class is started, multiple thumbnails can be selected and moved to a new position.

    • Student cards can be sorted by name using the menu option shown below:
  • 10.2.991 (13 May 2019)

    • Google Chrome is added as a supported browser for the Vision 365 Web Filter

      • A policy is enabled to prevent the use of "Incognito" mode in Google Chrome.
      • Students are not able to uninstall or disable the Chrome web filter extension.

    • A policy has been added that disables InPrivate browsing on Microsoft Edge.
    • A policy has been added to prevent students from uninstalling or turning off the Edge web filter extension
  • 10.2.968 (17 April 2019)

    • Enterprise settings may now be configurted using Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools.  The settings that may be configured are:

      • SIgn out:  the "sign out" menu item in the Student application is hidden by default,  Admins may change the visibility of this option through a domain policy.
      • Google Analytics:  Student and teacher applications are enrolled by default, to provide anonymous usage data to Google Analytics.  Admins may opt out of providing data through a domain policy.

    • See the Vision 365 Admin Guide for details.