Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are the small text files saved on your computer or mobile device when you browse the web. These files contain information about your visit and are used to improve your user experience on individual sites.  The information collected allows websites to remember you—not you the person, rather they remember how you enter, use and exit the site—and tailor your future visits accordingly. With that information, websites run faster and more efficiently.


Does Netop use cookies?

When you visit Netop, we automatically collect information via cookies. Below is a list and description of the cookies we use.

Cookie Type Description For More Information
Google Analytics Analytics, targeted remarketing Google Privacy Policy
Facebook Targeted remarketing Facebook Privacy Policy Co-browsing for Live Chat Privacy Policy
Hubspot Marketing analytics and automation Hubspot Privacy Policy
Live Guide Co-browsing and live chat Live Guide Privacy Policy
LinkedIn Targeted remarketing Hubspot Privacy Policy
Zoho Marketing analytics Zoho Privacy Policy
Cloudflare Content caching and DDOS protection Cloudflare Privacy Policy
Google Tag Manager Scripting, remarketing, analytics Google Privacy Policy
Google reCAPTCHA Protection against bots Google Privacy Policy
Gainsight Analytics Gainsight Privacy Policy

Can I opt out of them?

Yes. Your browser should allow you to refuse incoming cookies as well as delete those already on your computer or mobile device.  Be sure to consult your browser’s help menu for specific instructions.  For additional information about cookies, visit

Note: Parts of Netop may not work correctly with cookies disabled.  In order to download products, cookies must be enabled.