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2014 VPN Survey: How Tech Pros Use VPNs

New report from Spiceworks and Netop shows how VPNs are being deployed and secured in connecting the Internet of Things. — PORTLAND, ORE – 31 MARCH 2014 – Netop today published a new research report on how virtual private networks (VPNs) are being deployed, managed and secured by network professionals.  Conducted in cooperation with Spiceworks, the “2014 VPN... More

Kongsberg Maritime Introduces New and Ground-Breaking Secure Software

Kongsberg Maritime decreases vulnerability to cyber-attacks by introducing new secure remote access software from Netop. At the same time efficiency and productivity increases. — Kongsberg Maritime in Norway, who supplies navigation, automation, training and safety systems for maritime transport and offshore vessels, is now implementing Netop remote control software to establish secure remote access to all vessels... More

Netop Creates Secure Tunnels into Internet of Things with SecureM2M

New SecureM2M solution counters cyber-threats with simple, secure remote access into industrial controls, building automation and other networked devices. — Netop today announced that its solution for secure remote access into devices – SecureM2M – is available to product developers, system integrators and IT and network professionals in both software and hardware formats.  Netop SecureM2M... More

Flip the Classroom with New Tool for Blended Learning

Netop introduces Vision Pro Learning Center for web-based assessment — Netop, the worldwide leader in classroom management software, today released the Vision Pro Learning Center, a new feature of its bestselling classroom management software program designed to support the growing number of flipped and... More

Secure Enterprise Remote Control Solution from Netop Now Available for Retail Point-of-Sales (POS) Systems Running Toshiba 4690

At a Time When Retailers are Increasingly Aware of Potential Security Vulnerabilities, Remote Access Innovator, Netop, Announces New Secure Remote Capabilities for Toshiba 4690 POS Operating Systems. — PORTLAND, OR – Netop, a pioneer in secure remote access solutions with nearly 30 years of expertise working in large complex environments, today announced its enterprise solution, Remote Control, is available for Controllers running the... More

Netop Brings Chat to Native Apps with release of Software Development Kit

Live Guide’s sophisticated chat features can be added for free to any iOS or Android app — PORTLAND, OREGON – Netop, makers of online audio, video and text chat solution, Live Guide, today announced the release of a Software Development Kit (SDK), enabling developers to integrate real-time chat into iOS and Android apps. With... More

An Android App for Secure Remote Support

Enterprise remote access solution provider, Netop, introduces app for remotely supporting mobile devices running Android. — PORTLAND, OREGON – Netop, a pioneer in secure remote access solutions with nearly 30 years of expertise working in large complex environments, today announced the release of Netop Remote Control Mobile for Android. Available on Netop’s... More

Netop Remote Control Improves Support for Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 Tablets

Enterprise Secure Remote Access Solution Enhances Capabilities for Supporting Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 Tablets Running Windows 8 or 8.1 — PORTLAND, OREGON – Released today, the latest version of Netop’s secure remote access solution, Netop Remote Control, improves support for Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 Tablets running Windows 8 and 8.1. Building upon its initial... More

New Cyber Security Solution that Enhances Protection of Building and Energy Management Systems Now Available

LYNX CyberPRO™ is Industry's First Cyber Protection Solution for Building Automation, Energy Management and Building Environments. — PORTLAND, OREGON – In response to the increasing rise of cyber threats, network compromises and vulnerabilities directed at building and energy management systems and to further reinforce the cyber protection of these systems, Lynxspring... More

Netop’s Leading Classroom Management Software Expands Support for Diverse School Technology Environments

Company unveils Vision and Vision Pro updates optimized for remote desktop services, online testing, the latest browsers, and additional languages. — (Portland, Ore. – October 15, 2013) Netop, the worldwide leader in classroom management software, today announced updates to its bestselling classroom management software programs that expand support for today’s diverse classroom computing... More

Maintenance Updates to Netop Remote Control and OnDemand

Netop Remote Control version 11.51 and OnDemand version 2.56 released — PORTLAND, OREGON – Today, we released minor maintenance updates to Netop Remote Control and OnDemand. OnDemand version 2.56 introduces functionality enabling support representatives to receive notifications when end users have yet to... More

Co-Browsing Goes Mobile with Netop Live Guide

Netop's mobile chat solution adds co-browsing, forms and advanced customer service tools. — Portland, Oregon - Businesses looking for ways to provide better and more efficient service to mobile customers gained some valuable tools with today's release of Netop Live Guide.  Live Guide - Netop's online audio, video and text chat... More

Streamline Support Requests with New Browser-Based Support Console from Netop

Now with Netop, service desk representatives can quickly and easily remote control Windows devices form any HTML5-compatible browser — PORTLAND, OREGON – Today, Netop released an update to its secure remote access solution, Netop Remote Control, which introduces a browser-based support console. The new capability enables IT managers and service desk representatives to... More

Student App Transforms iPads and Android Tablets into Powerful Educational Tools

Netop introduces version 8.1 of Vision and Vision Pro with improved support for student devices. New apps let students in iPad classrooms see teacher demonstrations on-screen. — Netop, the worldwide leader in classroom management software, today announced the release of version 8.1 of Vision and Vision Pro.  This latest update now allows teachers to demo from their PC to student iPad and Android tablets via the... More

Netop Debuts Next Generation of Online Chat Software

Live Guide adds iOS, Android support and co-browsing to support BYOD initiatives and improve IT service efficiency — PORTLAND, OREGON – Today, Netop releases the next generation of Live Guide online chat.  Live Guide 6.0 allows IT and customer service teams to support customers using mobile devices – including iPhones, iPads, and Android tablets.  The new... More

Secure Remote Access and Control from Anywhere Using an iPad or an iPhone

Netop Announces Update for Remote Control Mobile for iOS – an App that Enables Service Desk Representatives and IT Administrators to Provide Support from Anywhere — PORTLAND, OREGON – Netop today announced improvements to Netop Remote Control Mobile for iOS, available as a free app through Apple’s App Store, which enables technical support staff and system administrators to extend their reach by... More

The No. 1 Classroom Management Software Now Supports Student iPads

Netop introduces version 8 of Vision and Vision Pro with support for iPad classrooms and BYOD in schools — PORTLAND, OREGON - Netop, the worldwide leader in classroom management software, announced the release of version 8 of Vision and Vision Pro today.  The first in a series of new features designed to support smart devices, version 8 of... More

Are You Secured Against Cybercrime?

Recent hacking attacks throughout Europe leveraged a well-known remote access solution. — COPENHAGEN - In March 2013, a popular and well-known remote access solution was compromised by a group of hackers in a plot to target activists, industrial, research and diplomatic targets. The attacks installed malware which was designed... More

inomed Remote Viewer by Netop Supports Neuromonitoring

New app enables physicians and clinical staff to remotely monitor real-time data from intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IONM) devices via an iPad — COPENHAGEN – inomed, a leading medical technology provider based in Germany, has announced the availability of an app that enables hospital staff to remotely monitor the signals of a patient’s intraoperative nerve activity during surgery.... More

Hospitals in North Denmark Region Improve Continuity of Care

As part of streamlining, the North Denmark Region has recently implemented a solution that ensures continuity of care through and beyond the region. The agreement encompasses 13,500 IT licenses. The goal is greater patient safety, better service and fewer unnecessary costs. — COPENHAGEN – As part of their IT strategy, the North Denmark Region has implemented a solution encompassing 13,500 licenses from the Danish IT company Netop Solutions A / S. The solution supports the region's employees, which strengthens... More

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