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Shipping Companies to Benefit from Secure Remote Access

May 2, 2014

The Danish shipping journal, Søfart, explores the potential for secure remote access with Netop CEO Kurt Bager.

In an article in the May issue of Søfart magazine, the Danish shipping journal explores the benefits of a secure remote access solution from Netop that enables technicians to remotely service IT equipment on ships at sea.

The Netop solution, called SecureM2M, works by creating a secure connection to on-board equipment without exposing devices to the Internet. This makes it extremely safe to provide remote support and perform automated fault diagnosis.

The secure remote access solution enables ships to stay ahead of any problems because the technician can monitor remotely and signal if the ship has equipment to be replaced in the next port. At the same time it is easy to administer users and document all user behavior, which makes it ideal for use with external consultants and subcontractors as well as employees.

Shipping companies are expected to see significant benefits from reductions in maintenance and operating costs.

Read the article (in Danish)