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Remploy uses chat to help job seekers with disabilities

December 5, 2016

Live Guide has become an important method for Remploy to support their customers through the website in real-time.

Remploy was looking for a method of customer support through their new website that was in real-time. The solution should be something that didn’t require the delay between sending an email or completing a form, but should give the user the option to receive help on the page they were on immediately when they needed it.

The choice fell on Live Guide Chat from Netop. One of the things that stood out in Live Guide was the reporting features. Remploy liked the user interface and sensed that it would require very little training as it was intuitive and something that would provide the depth of reporting they needed without a huge amount of training investment.

A team of advisors are manning the chat from their homes. This has expanded the opening hours and extended the service as users are now able to contact Remploy until 22:00 on weekdays and even during certain times on weekends.

About Remploy
Remploy’s mission is to transform society and the lives of disabled people. Remploy exists to improve the lives of disabled people and those with complex needs through the power of work. Remploy believe that everyone has something to offer and work to find their strengths. Jobseekers are matched by skills to proper jobs with carefully chosen employers who help them achieve.
Remploy has 64 branches across Britain and have over the years 2010 – 2015 helped almost 100,000 people get a real job.

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