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NEW RELEASE: Netop 12.61 with Intel vPro Support Arrives!

May 17, 2017

Integration with Intel vPro and Netop's advanced security options make it ideal for financial, retail and organizations concerned with data and network security

Netop continues to deliver solutions that meet the highest standards of security and performance with the release of Netop Remote Control 12.61. The latest version of Netop Remote Control includes integration with Intel vPro technology. With this integration, Netop Remote Control users can access vPro devices regardless of operating system state, start remote control sessions to the BIOS of the device, and integrate with additional authentication options. This release is designed to exceed the requirements of financial institutions, retailers and other customers who put a premium on network and data security and PCI-compliance.

With this release and the integration of Intel vPro technology, Netop Remote Control gives users the ability to: Reboot devices to BIOS Remotely control the BIOS Re-flash the BIOS Lock remote input devices Retrieve and view the Intel vPro event log Remotely boot from an image, or disk Authenticate with Digest and Kerberos (no TLS / server TLS / mutual TLS)

In addition, we've made Netop Remote Control easier than ever for new users to try. Starting with this release, Netop Guests are shipped with pre-configured license keys that will allow use for thirty days. This release also contains numerous bug fixes and additional improvements. For complete details on this latest release, please read the full release notes.