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The Egyptian Ministry of Education (EMOE) has embraced technology to improve the quality of teaching in 2,350 public schools with Netop Vision Pro. The number of Netop installations in Egypt now exceeds more than 100,000. Read the full case study

September 12, 2017

"Train-the-Trainer" approach of the local Netop partner Netop Egypt speeds up teacher training as well as adoption and implementation of the solution

Copenhagen / Cairo, September, 2017 – Additional 2,350 public schools in Egypt will monitor and modify student activity on computers in real time – keeping students on-task and safe.

The Egyptian Ministry of Education is embracing teaching with technology, having purchased 23,500 licenses of Netop Vision Pro classroom management software. This investment is part of the Ministry's long term goal to increase the quality of teaching by improving the computer infrastructure at public schools. To roll out and implement this solution across the country, Netop Egypt developed, maintained and implemented teacher training at each of the schools. Following the "Train-the-Trainer" approach, they first trained the IT representatives, who then share their knowledge with other IT and specialist teachers at their schools.

Designing and Implementing Classroom Management in Egypt's public schools

"Classroom management solutions have been defined as one of the key IT elements at schools by the Egyptian Ministry of Education. Using the software, teachers are able to control student monitors from their own computers, assist students with computer usage, and communicate with them from screen to screen," Mashhour Hemida said. As CEO of Netop Egypt, he closed the deal and designed, organized and implemented the nationwide trainer qualification for teacher training. 

“The combination of Netop Vision and Netop Learning Center in the Netop Vision Pro package has proved a unique proposition in the Egyptian public schools. The teachers have seamlessly integrated in-class instructions and self-paced learning to provide a student-centric learning environment. Since 2009 we have been supplying, implementing and enabling Netop classroom management and self-paced learning for the Egyptian public schools. More than 5,000 teachers have been qualified so far, and we are targeting to have 10,000 qualified teachers by 2020.”

Faster dissemination, adoption and acceptance of training

According to the "Train-the-Trainer" approach, the trainings were run at the level of the 25 governorates. The team implementing the qualification consisted of 27 trainers, 15 administrators, 25 governorate coordinators, and a project manager. 

To disseminate the knowledge, the trainers ran training sessions for around 100 schools in each governorate. Each 100 schools are distributed among groups with 20 schools in each group. Each training session was designed for IT teachers and took two days. In a second step, teachers who have been trained acted as disseminators. The trained teachers then share their knowledge of Netop Vision with other IT teachers at their schools and, in addition, with specialist (subject) teachers who also make use of computers to teach content.

Control is provided as well: Each governorate is obliged to submit a qualification report to the Ministry of Education. This report includes a description of the qualification, the training content, any problems or issues, and a recommendation.

"The implementation of Netop Vision Pro at 2,350 schools in 2017 is part of the Ministry's long term project aiming to increase the quality of teaching by improving the computer infrastructure at the public schools," Mohasen Sadek, Chief Information Officer of the EMOE, said. 

"After more than 80,000 Netop licenses were deployed in Egypt in 2016, the number of Netop installations in Egypt now exceeds more than 100,000," Mashhour Hemida resumed.