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Are You Secured Against Cybercrime?

April 16, 2013

Recent hacking attacks throughout Europe leveraged a well-known remote access solution.

COPENHAGEN - In March 2013, a popular and well-known remote access solution was compromised by a group of hackers in a plot to target activists, industrial, research and diplomatic targets. The attacks installed malware which was designed to take screenshots, gather information about systems and local accounts while also scanning local hard drives for specific file types.

Stories like this are becoming all too common as nearly every week we hear of another organization falling victim to some type of cyber-crime, be it fraud, theft or hacking. In fact, 88% of all hacking attacks occur via remote access tools. With an increasing number of devices connected to the internet and a growing number of tools available to hackers – from Shodan, a search engine that can be used to uncover security holes, to well-known tools for remote access– there is a greater risk of hostile attacks today than ever before.

As these attacks become more prevalent, many government agencies are taking notice. In Denmark, for example, the Danish Emergency Management Agency released a report where cyber-attacks were listed as one of the ten most critical risks that people need to look out for. 

Stories like this are no surprise to Netop. For nearly 30 years, our secure remote access solutions have been used by many of the world’s largest enterprises, including half of the Fortune 100 companies, to minimize threats of cyber-attacks. With the right policies and tools, there is a lot companies can do to protect themselves from hackers. 

”As a company you have to relate strategically to your IT and security as well as what tools you use. You simply need to ensure that your IT security is at a certain level and make sure that you have no ‘open doors’ that can be used by hackers. For example, it just doesn’t work if your IT department installs the first remote access solution they can find. There are many free remote access solutions on the market but they are not necessarily the most secure ones. Our customers come to us because we help enterprise level companies protect themselves against loss of data, including customer data and credit card information and trade secrets”, said Kurt Bager. 

What can you do?

”There are several things you can do. First of all you need to focus on security. Do you have any open doors and how professional are your solutions? Adopt proper training and procedures for staff. For many industries, compliance regulations such as HIPAA and PCI provide frameworks to follow, including specific guidelines covering remote access”, said Kurt Bager.

”In addition it is important that you take a closer look at your remote access solution, and determine whether it meets the security standards you want. For instance do you want to be able to set up certain criteria before any device or machine accepts remote control? What about documenting the remote control situation? It also makes sense to be able to delegate rights to specific employees.  In all, there are a lot of questions you need to consider before you choose your set-up and solution”, said Kurt Bager. 

About Netop

Netop develops and sells market leading software solutions that enable swift, secure and seamless transfer of video, screens, sounds and data between two or more computers. The company has two business areas: Customer Service and Education.

Used by half of the Fortune 100, Netop’s customer service solutions, including secure remote access and live chat, help businesses provide better customer service, reduce support costs and meet security and compliance standards. In Education, Netop is the world leader in classroom management software, helping teachers in 75 countries make teaching with technology easier and more effective.

Headquartered in Denmark, Netop employs 140 people and has offices in the United States, Great Britain, China, Romania and Switzerland. The company sells its solutions to public and private clients in more than 80 countries. Netop Solutions A/S shares are listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange OMX.