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Announcing Netop Remote Control 12.70

April 11, 2018

On Tuesday, April 10, 2018, a new release of Netop Remote Control will be available. Netop Remote Control 12.7 includes sercurity improvements for users running Mac OS, fixes for some known issues and several product enhancements including:

•            Improved support for Linux & Mac Guest modules

•            Important security update for the Mac Host

•            Update to the Netop Remote Control URI protocol 

•            An improved user experience in the Netop Remote Control Portal

For complete details, please see the Release Notes.

Netop Remote Control version 12.70 requires a new license key. Customers who are current with the Netop Advantage annual support and upgrade protection plan will receive updated license keys via email at no charge. Customers who wish to upgrade to the latest version to use this release should contact Netop or authorized Netop resellers.