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2014 VPN Survey: How Tech Pros Use VPNs

April 3, 2014

New report from Spiceworks and Netop shows how VPNs are being deployed and secured in connecting the Internet of Things.

PORTLAND, ORE – 31 MARCH 2014 – Netop today published a new research report on how virtual private networks (VPNs) are being deployed, managed and secured by network professionals.  Conducted in cooperation with Spiceworks, the “2014 VPN Survey” provides a window into the types of connections being created, the steps being taken to maintain security and the limitations of the ubiquitous technology.  Almost 200 IT and network professionals participated, offering a rare deep dive into a specific connectivity technology.

Key findings of the survey include most respondents indicating that their organizations use a firewall-based VPN solution and Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) and Transport Layer Security among their VPN security protocols.  Even with security protocols in place, half of the respondents indicated that their organization was not allowing out-of-band access into their network via VPNs.

“Third-party access to networks is a key security concern for most organizations,” said Kurt Bager, CEO of Netop. “Managing external VPN access is a challenge for IT and network administrators – improperly secured, VPN connections can create a significant vulnerability.  It is not surprising, then, to see many organizations’ reluctance to use VPN connections for out-of-band network access.”

Netop recently released SecureM2M – a connectivity solution designed for use with remotely deployed devices.  SecureM2M accomplishes two key items in creating a more secure environment: allowing access without exposing devices or networks to the public-facing Internet and providing easy-to-configure, port-specific access.  The net result is a solution that meets the needs of IT teams, security officers, and vendors – out-of-band access with decreased vulnerability.

The Netop and Spiceworks 2014 VPN Survey was conducted with 192 panelists in February 2014.  Sixty-five percent of respondents were from mid-sized companies (20-249 employees) – with 21% from organizations with more than 250 employees and 14% from companies with 1-19 employees.  Manufacturing (16%), healthcare (10%), IT service providers (9%), and government (7%) were the leading industries of respondents.  The complete survey can be downloaded from Netop.

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