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Netop Learning Center Delivers E-Learning Results

At businesses throughout the Nordic Region, the Netop Learning Center has become the preferred platform for e-learning. At JYSK Corporation, the Netop Learning center helps the company deal with massive global growth by providing an on-line employee training program with effective and measurable results. And at the TORM shipping company, the Netop Learning Center has taken the company to the leading edge of electronic competency development and knowledge sharing through an on-line training program that can be delivered to crew members anywhere in the world.


Netop Learning Center boosts effective training at JYSK

Lars Larsen opened his first bedding shop in Denmark in 1979, and since then the JYSK empire has grown to a global group with shops in 26 different countries and a staff of nearly 12,000. As a result of massive global growth, JYSK has acknowledged its acute need to have effective and measurable control over its employee training program. E-learning has become one of the preferred training methods within the company.

A year ago, the company decided to optimize the training process even further and, after a long and thorough testing process, Netop Learning Center was chosen.

"Out of the many products that we tested, there was no doubt that Netop Learning Center was the right choice for us. We had a list of tough specifications regarding availability and usability that needed to be within a simple and straightforward design, and these requirements were met by Netop Learning Center."

Pernille Skou

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Life at sea runs more smoothly with Netop Learning Center

More than 1,250 crew members of the Danish shipping company, Torm, now have access to essential training and certification documentation through an Internet-based employee portal developed using the Netop Learning Center. It provides online competence development and revolutionary crew evaluation.

TORM’s electronic employee portal was developed by Green-Jakobsen A/S, a Danish consulting firm, which specializes in the development of web-based portals for the maritime world based on the Netop Learning Center.

"Netop Learning Center gives us the possibility to take TORM to the leading edge of development through electronic competency development and knowledge sharing. The program is both user-friendly and easy to access, and the security is absolutely excellent."

Bjarke Jacobsen, Green-Jakobsen A/S