Learning Center: Teaching Assessment Tools

Online Learning and Assessment System

Tools for blended learning and flipped classrooms

Learning Center is a web-based assessment tool that supports blended learning and flipped classrooms. With the Learning Center, teachers can post lesson materials online and create assessments to easily evaluate student learning. Engage student attention in the classroom with interactive polls and surveys like a student response system. Or integrate quizzes with video lessons to provide a self-paced online learning and assessment tool. Responses are scored automatically and compiled in easy-to-use reports that provide instant feedback and improve learning outcomes.

The Learning Center is available as part of an integrated solution with Netop's Vision Pro classroom management software.

Ideal for blended learning, our web-based assessment tools let you:

  • Share teaching materials, lessons and online content

    Create class sites, post lesson materials, and link to content online for students to access anywhere. Upload a variety of files to share –images, videos, PDFs, MP3s, and more. You can also use SCORM packages, which ensure that your e-learning content can be used across multiple software products your school or district might use.

Create polls, surveys, quizzes and assessments

Use Learning Center like a student response system, stimulating learning with interactive polls and quizzes that engage your class. Results are available instantaneously for classroom discussion. No clickers required, Learning Center works on any smart device with web access.

Or use Learning Center to support independent study and in-depth assessments of student learning.  There’s even an interactive video assessment capability that lets you embed questions into video lessons – perfect for flipped classrooms!


Flexible test question types

A variety of flexible question types support your curriculum:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Fill in the blank
  • Matching drop down
  • Point and click
  • Multiple answers
  • Sequence drop down
  • Numeric
  • Matching drag and drop
  • Sequence drag and drop

Set your own pacing options

Your assessments can be self-paced for individual work, or teacher-paced so that the whole class gets a chance to answer the question before you move on. A third option prompts students with questions at key points within video lessons.

Web Based Assessments: Student Feedback

Automatically score your assessments

The Learning Center provides automatic scoring so you can see what students have mastered, and areas where they need additional help.  Export scores into csv files to enter into gradebooks.

Provide instant feedback to students

Students can receive instant feedback on each question in real time as they take the test, and review their overall score once they have taken a test or quiz. Students can also monitor their own progress over time with access to all of their online results.


Generate detailed reporting

View automatically-generated reports by student to personalize instruction, or by question to understand what part of the lesson your class needs extra help with.  Much simpler and faster than grading and analyzing yourself, the reports show you the data instantly so you can adjust instruction as needed.

Tips & tricks: Create interactive test questions in instruction video

Learning Center enables you to integrate YouTube or Vimeo videos and to incorporate interactive test questions. The video is stopped after certain sequences and the students are asked questions on the section they have just seen.

With various question types such as multiple choice, fill in the blank or assigning answers by drag & drop, you can design your interactive assessments to be varied and interesting. You can optionally set the point scores to be reached and in this way evaluated the learning outcomes of your students.

With the following tips & tricks we show you step-by-step how to:

1. Create an assessment with embedded video
2. Create interactive questions for the video
3. Define options for assessment (start page, feedback)
4. Import a sample of an interactive video assessment

Tips & tricks – Teaching videos with interactive test questions (PDF)

Language Support

Learning Center is available in eleven languages.  The Learning Center user interface automatically appears in the preferred language indicated by the user's browser settings, or may be selected when setting up your account.

Languages supported:  English, Czech, Deutsch, Dutch, Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.


Vision Pro customers: The Learning Center is included free with your purchase of Vision Pro for all customers with a current Netop ADV program. Please note that the number of user logins for class kits and other types of licenses is limited. Because Vision Pro Learning Center is web-based, it is ideal for school-wide licensing via campus licenses. In addition, because this is a hosted service, access is provided only as long as the customer maintains a current ADV. 

Technical requirements

Learning Center runs on any computer or smart device with a web browser and Internet access.