Get X-ray vision in the Chromebooks classroom

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  • Send a Message

    Guide student progress and provide instant assistance

  • Usage Dashboard

    Access usage reports to measure ROI on your technology investment.

  • Using Android apps?

    Only Vision shows you live views of students’ Android apps

  • Push URLs to Students

    Open a page on every Chromebook at once

  • Easy class setup

    Instantly sync with your LMS or SSO system

  • Monitor Screens

    At a glance, know who is on task – and who isn’t

  • Blank Screens

    With one click, stop work and shift student focus to you

  • Block and Filter the Web

    You decide which websites are available to students

  • Share Your Screen

    Focus attention and facilitate comprehension

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Why Vision for Chromebooks?

For Teachers

  • Manage Chromebooks in the classroom with ease
  • Maximize instructional time
  • Improve student focus and comprehension

For IT Staff

  • Spend less time on teacher support
  • Improve teacher and student use of Chromebooks devices
  • Integrate with your LMS or SSO system for super simple setup

For Administrators

  • Support effective instruction in 1:1 classrooms
  • Ensure student safety
  • Promote integration of technology into curriculum

Manage Chromebooks in the Classroom with Ease

Vision for Chromebooks classroom management software allows teachers to monitor Chromebook activity. It provides visibility into all student activities as well as allows teachers to share their screen, lock student screens and keyboards, and block websites - all with the click of a button. With Vision, you are able to manage Chromebooks in the classroom and easily regain your students' attention when needed. 

  • Vision for Chromebooks is phenomenal. It has improved student performance and is easy to use. After our free trial ended we did not have Vision for a short time. During the time without Vision, we noticed that grades dropped by 33%.
    Susan Moore
    Susan Moore Lewis Co. C-1 School District, Missouri
  • Vision is a life saver for me! I love viewing all of the student screens and using the blank screens feature. Vision is great because I can share my screen with the entire class to walk through project details, eliminating the need for a projector, which many students cannot see.
    Gloria Flemming
    Gloria Flemming Campbell High School, Georgia
  • Netop Vision for Chromebooks is absolutely brilliant. After some research, I have found there are a number of companies that produce software similar to Vision but few do it in such a clean, simple and powerful manner.
    Gabriel Brangers
    Gabriel Brangers Chrome Unboxed
  • We love Vision, especially the personalized message students receive when we lock student screens.
    Alicia King
    Alicia King Indian Creek Elementary School, Indiana
  • Vision makes my life easier and saves me time because it gets the students directly to where I want them to be and ensures they are paying attention.
    Elizabeth Gardner
    Elizabeth Gardner Forest Park Elementary School, Oregon
  • I have been a teacher for 23 years and have not found a tool that has made more of a profound difference in my classroom.
    Mark Risenhoover
    Mark Risenhoover Andrews High School, Texas
  • It is an incredibly powerful tool. Vision simply embodies the efficient way in which we work: keeping our students on task, saving time and keeping them safe.
    John Pritchett
    John Pritchett Brookfield Community School, England
  • Netop Vision is a clean, simple and powerful platform with brilliant and innovative features.
    John Dabell
    John Dabell Teach Secondary [click for full review]

Licensing information

Vision for Chromebooks is sold as a software as a service solution, with an annual subscription based on the number of users (teachers and students).  Subscriptions start at USD $4.80 per user for 10 to 99 users. For larger orders, request a quote to see how much you can save with volume discounts and multi-year options.  

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