What if you had X-ray vision in the classroom?

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  • Send a Message

    Guide student progress and provide instant assistance

  • Using Android apps?

    Only Vision shows you live views of students’ Android apps

  • Push URLs to Students

    Open a page on every Chromebook at once

  • Easy class setup

    Instantly sync with Google Classroom or Clever

  • Monitor Screens

    At a glance, know who is on task – and who isn’t

  • Blank Screens

    With one click, stop work and shift student focus to you

  • Block and Filter the Web

    You decide which websites are available to students

  • Share Your Screen

    Focus attention and facilitate comprehension

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Why Vision for Chromebooks?

For Teachers

  • Monitor and redirect student use of technology
  • Maximize instructional time
  • Improve focus and comprehension

For IT Staff

  • Spend less time on teacher support
  • Improve teacher and student use of technology
  • Integration with Google Classroom or Clever makes setup simple

For Administrators

  • Support effective instruction in 1:1 classrooms
  • Ensure student safety
  • Promote integration of technology into curriculum
  • Vision for Chromebooks is phenomenal. It has improved student performance and is easy to use. After our free trial ended we did not have Vision for a short time. During the time without Vision, we noticed that grades dropped by 33%.
    Susan Moore
    Susan Moore Lewis Co. C-1 School District, Missouri
  • Vision is a life saver for me! I love viewing all of the student screens and using the blank screens feature. Vision is great because I can share my screen with the entire class to walk through project details, eliminating the need for a projector, which many students cannot see.
    Gloria Flemming
    Gloria Flemming Campbell High School, Georgia
  • Netop Vision for Chromebooks is absolutely brilliant. After some research, I have found there are a number of companies that produce software similar to Vision but few do it in such a clean, simple and powerful manner.
    Gabriel Brangers
    Gabriel Brangers Chrome Unboxed
  • We love Vision, especially the personalized message students receive when we lock student screens.
    Alicia King
    Alicia King Indian Creek Elementary School, Indiana
  • Vision makes my life easier and saves me time because it gets the students directly to where I want them to be and ensures they are paying attention.
    Elizabeth Gardner
    Elizabeth Gardner Forest Park Elementary School, Oregon
  • I have been a teacher for 23 years and have not found a tool that has made more of a profound difference in my classroom.
    Mark Risenhoover
    Mark Risenhoover Andrews High School, Texas
  • It is an incredibly powerful tool. Vision simply embodies the efficient way in which we work: keeping our students on task, saving time and keeping them safe.
    John Pritchett
    John Pritchett Brookfield Community School, England
  • Netop Vision is a clean, simple and powerful platform with brilliant and innovative features.
    John Dabell
    John Dabell Teach Secondary [click for full review]

Licensing information

Vision for Chromebooks is sold as a software as a service solution, with an annual subscription based on the number of users (teachers and students).  Subscriptions start at USD $4.80 per user for 10 to 99 users. For larger orders, save with volume discounts and multi-year options.  Request a quote to see how much you can save.

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A valid GAFE domain and either Google Classroom or Clever are required to use Vision for Chromebooks.