Secure Remote Access for Retailers

PCI Compliant Remote Access for Retailers

Deliver POS system support while maintaining PCI compliance

Netop Remote Control: Serving 24% of the World's Top Retailers

Twenty four percent of the world’s top retailers use Netop Remote Control.  Who are they?  They’re the retailers that you don’t see in news headlines about security breaches. They know that secure remote access is essential for supporting far-flung networks of POS systems efficiently.  But they won’t compromise on security.  That’s why they choose Netop Remote Control.

The retail network support challenge

  • Support hundreds to thousands of locations staffed by non-technical people
  • Service financial systems, attended or unattended, dispersed across a region
  • Resolve problems on specialized, data-sensitive POS devices, remotely
  • Comply with PCI remote software standards; implement security policies
  • Keep transactions rolling when something breaks and no one on site can fix it

Not only does your remote support solution have to comply with PCI; remote access software in retail has to let you provide highly secure, specialized support to financial systems with limited interfaces and formidable firewalls. To do that, it takes the kind of specialized enterprise-level secure remote access that only Netop offers.

Remote Support for Toshiba 4690.  Using Toshiba 4690 controllers? Netop Remote Control is the ONLY solution that offers secure report support for the Toshiba 4690 operating system. Learn more >

Remote Access Software for Retail Environments

Scalable and PCI compliant remote access software

Netop Remote Control consolidates your IT department, eliminates cost-prohibitive travel, saves time and lowers your overhead.

It puts your IT service desk where they’re needed, the moment they’re needed, and protects your customers’ information – and your business – at the same time. It’s stable, streamlined, versatile and secure.

In fact, there’s no solution more secure. That's so you can sleep at night.

Downtime isn't affordable. When a device goes down, lines get long, customers leave and sales drop. Netop lets your IT staff resolve the problem immediately, raise uptime and keep sales rolling.

Work across platforms, devices, networks. Netop performs securely across technologies, locations and firewalls, establishing a fast, stable connection even in low-bandwidth areas.

Protect your customers, your business, yourself. Data breaches, thousands of credit cards compromised: every month there’s another story, and most of them take place remotely. But they don't have to. Our PCI remote software provides fully compliant auditing and market-leading security.

One solution, for all your needs, spells ROI. With franchisees working from home, stores spread across a region and a variety of technology, your remote solution has a job to do. Netop brings it together: efficiency goes up; overhead, down.

Who gets the keys? Your call. Netop lets you manage access rights centrally, so everyone from managers to franchisees to Help Desk has the privileges they need, no less, no more.

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Remote support for Toshiba 4690