Secure Access for Retail

PCI Compliant Remote Access for Retailers

Deliver POS system support while maintaining PCI compliance

Netop Remote Control: Serving 24% of the World's Top Retailers

Netop Remote Control offers the broadest support of in-store technology, that's why 24% of the world’s top retailers choose Netop.  With Netop, retailers get a secure, consolidated solution for providing access to POS systems - including those running Toshiba 4690 OS - digital signage, kiosks and mobile devices. Netop also offers advanced security features for managing vendor access to specific devices and network segments without increasing vulnerability.  Talk to us today to learn why retailers worldwide turn to Netop for secure remote access.

Go beyond PCI compliance

Being compliant does not equal being secure.  Your retail network security strategy should account for remote access by employees and vendors.  Netop is built to enable remote access without compromising security or jeopardizing compliance. With multi-factor authentication, complete encryption and the ability to manage user rights to specific applications and devices, Netop is the preferred remote access solution for retailers.

Remote support for Toshiba 4690 OS

Netop Remote Control is the ONLY solution that offers secure remote support for POS systems running on the Toshiba 4690 operating system. Learn more >

Remote Access Software for Retail Environments

Scalable, PCI-compliant remote access software

Netop Remote Control improves issue resolution, reduces cost-prohibitive travel, and gives you a single, consolidated solution for all your devices and end users.

Netop gives your service team fast, reliable access into remotely deployed devices and outside networks.  Our solution can be cloud-hosted or locally installed, giving you the flexibility you need while ensuring you meet internal and external security requirements.

Reduce downtime. When retail technology goes down, your costs go up. Netop lets your IT staff resolve problems quickly with fewer truck rolls.

Work across networks. Netop performs securely across networks and firewalls, with fast, stable connections.

Protect your customers and your business. Our PCI-compliant remote software provides fully compliant auditing and market-leading security.

Consolidate your tool set. Netop gives you a single remote access solution for supporting end users as well as in-store technology.

Control all access. Netop lets you manage access rights centrally; vendors, franchisees and central support get precisely the access they need.

Talk to us about consolidated remote control for your business.