Remote Access Solutions for Government

Improve efficiency without compromising security

For government organizations, security matters. Effectiveness matters. So does stability. That’s no less true for a defense contractor, equipping the military for strategic and tactical operations, than it is for the Coast Guard, mapping ships’ coordinates on U.S. waters with a mandatory uptime of 99.7%.

Remote access challenges for government agencies

  • Prevent security breaches, achieve FIPS compliance
  • Maintain a stable infrastructure and drive downtime down
  • Support IT remotely, improve resolution time, deploy specialists at need
  • Stay accountable and audit-ready: log, report, generate documentation
  • Minimize staff training needed to run your IT environment

The government is a complex, decentralized mix of agencies and organizations, with widely differing needs and goals. To protect the information and identities involved, it takes more than a superficial solution.

Remote Access Software used by Government Agencies

Versatile, secure remote access software from Netop

Netop Remote Control consolidates your IT department, eliminates cost-prohibitive travel, saves time and lowers your overhead. It’s stable, streamlined, versatile and secure. In fact, there’s no solution more secure. (That's so you can sleep at night.)

Comprehensive control of rights & privileges. With Netop you can manage access rights centrally, defining privileges for hundreds to thousands of users on a “need to know” basis.

Greater efficiency, less time training. All your remote needs, one solution. Netop lowers your IT budget, streamlines your IT challenges and makes your department efficient. 

Work across platforms, devices, networks. Netop performs globally across technologies, firewalls and political boundaries worldwide, establishing a fast, stable connection even in low-bandwidth areas.

Effective, direct response for support requests. With a full toolset for solving problems remotely, Netop equips your IT staff to address issues as soon as they're reported, driving downtime down.

Information is power: protect it. With market-leading encryption and key exchange, your communications can't be hacked. FIPS compliance, audit trails, two-factor authentication, more.

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