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Secure Remote Access for the Financial Industry

Financial institutions need secure remote support solutions

42% of top 50 banks use Netop

The financial industry isn't just a business. It's the backbone of the world's economy. From retail banks to brokerage houses, finance is responsible for millions of transactions, and billions of dollars, every day. Few industries handle data more sensitive; that means it’s a target, and security matters. That's why 42% of the world's top banks choose Netop as their remote access provider.

How to meet the remote access challenge?

  • Implement security procedures to protect equipment, assets, identities
  • Comply with rigorous security regulations while providing remote support
  • Ensure reliable, real-time processing online, in branches and at ATMs
  • Support thousands of locations across regions or political boundaries
  • Update branch servers, communicate across networks, support headquarters
  • Do so while driving efficiency and containing costs

No other industry revolves so tightly around customer confidence. The stakes are high, the infrastructure complex; the threat of security breach is real. To protect the data, assets and identities involved takes a solution that designed for the needs of financial enterprises - Netop Remote Control.

Remote Access Software for  The Financial Industry

Extend your reach and improve your security with Netop remote access software

Netop Remote Control consolidates your IT department, eliminates cost-prohibitive travel, saves time and lowers your overhead. 

It puts your IT service desk where they’re needed, the moment they’re needed, and protects your assets at the same time. It’s stable, streamlined, versatile and secure.

In fact, there’s no solution more secure. That's so you can sleep at night.

Comprehensive control over who does what. Netop lets you manage access rights centrally, so everyone in your system – from customers to admin – has the privileges they need: no less, no more.

Drop costs, drive efficiencies. All your remote needs: one solution. Fewer trips to service your ATMs, fewer reps to get the job done. Netop lowers your IT budget and streamlines your efficiencies.

Work across platforms, devices, networks. Netop performs globally across technologies, firewalls and political boundaries worldwide, establishing a fast, stable connection even in low-bandwidth areas.

Customer retention and downtime don't mix. Our robust toolset for remote problem-solving lets your IT staff address issues as soon as they're reported, lowering downtime and raising loyalty.

Protect your customers, protect yourself. Netop provides market-leading encryption so your guest/host communications can't be hacked. Compliance, audit trails, two-factor authentication, more.

88% of all hacking attacks occur via a remote access service.

-- 2012 Verizon Investigations Report

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