Remote Access Software Features

Secure & scalable remote access software for enterprise environments

Netop Remote Control is the most secure, trusted and scalable remote support software solution on the market today. We’ve been helping customers grow their enterprises with secure remote control and support for workstations, servers, embedded systems and mobile devices for 30 years. Our flexible options provide secure remote access in even the most complex enterprise environments.

Netop Remote Control Features
Remote support of laptops, workstations, servers, POS devices, embedded systems, and mobile devices.
Broad platform support, including Windows, Mac and Linux.
Fast screen transfer and full keyboard and mouse control
A single support interface for both attended and unattended systems
Offline lists of remote connections
Help request notification
User Features & Functions
Remotely monitor machines and devices
Communicate with end users through chat
Push prepared responses and URL redirects
Send and retrieve clipboard content
Transfer files with two-way drag-and-drop, delta transfer and crash recovery
Conduct collaborative remote control sessions with colleagues
Use marker mode to create screen annotations
Execute common Windows functions
Lock the end user's keyboard and mouse
Restrict applications and close displays for privacy
Customize and share hotkeys
Share screens with customers
Notify end users of restart, log-off, lock and shutdown
Administrative Features & Functions
Manage system BIOS on computers with no active OS using Intel vPro support
Manage system services, registry, processes and event logs
Diagnose problems through a remote command prompt window
Gather detailed information about hardware and software assets
Store remote connections in a customized hierarchy
Define a list of common applications, documents and web resources to be launched remotely
Send messages to one or more users
Create and save snapshots of the remote machine
Redirect application ports through a secure tunnel to maintain compliance when managing GUI-less systems
Automate programs and tasks

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