• Introducing: The New Netop Remote Control

    Introducing: The New Netop Remote Control

    Netop now features a cloud-based portal for centrally managing access and supporting devices. Start a free trial today!
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  • Remotely Support Android Devices

    Remotely Support Android Devices

    We've made our leading app for Android support even better - with faster connection speeds and seamless screen transfer!
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  • Remote Access for All Devices

    Borderless Connectivity

    Combine Netop Remote Control with WebConnect for fast, secure web-based connectivity to any device, any location.
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  • Secure Remote Access

    Secure Remote Access

    A pioneer in remote access software, Netop Remote Control is the most comprehensive, trusted and secure remote access solution available.
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  • Additional Layers of Security

    Additional Layers of Security

    Netop Remote Control has flexible options for multi-factor authentication - ensuring your security and compliance with PCI and other standards.
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  • Streamline Support Requests

    Streamline Support Requests

    Now with Netop, remotely connect to and support Windows target devices from your favorite web browser.
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Secure Remote Access You Can Trust

While other companies spend a lot of time making ads about accessing a single PC remotely or building expensive hardware, we've been busy gaining the trust of the world's most successful companies. The largest retailers in the world use Netop for their POS systems. The top manufactures of ATMs trust Netop with their machines. When trust matters, choose Netop. 

"With many features for communication and collaboration Netop Remote Control is the ideal tool for Support and Helpdesk environments."

- PC Magazine (Germany)