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    "Surf-Lock has really helped me keep my students on task."

    Cindy Smith, River Rock Independent School District

    New: Surf-Lock is now fully integrated in Vision7, the next generation of classroom management from Netop.

    All of the great Surf-Lock features that teachers rely on are now standard features in Vision7.  Please see the Vision7 product pages to learn how you can use Vision7 classroom management software to guide and limit student Internet access.

    Netop Vision6 Surf-Lock
    Internet Control Software for Teachers

    Block Web sites and guide student Web surfing with Surf-Lock

    Netop Vision6 Surf-Lock is the Vision6 plug-in that makes it incredibly easy to guide, monitor and control student Web browsing in classrooms, computer labs, libraries and media centers. Tired of students surfing the Web during class? Now you can block Internet access with a single click. Have a research project that requires internet use? Surf-Lock lets you create a list of Web sites that are appropriate for today's assignment, and lock out all the rest. Need to individualize instruction? No problem. Surf-Lock lets you control each student's Internet access individually, or select different site lists for groups of students. There is no better way to guide student learning on the Internet.

    Bonus: Surf-Lock now included free of charge with Netop Vision6 software!

    • Block Internet access

      Stop student Web surfing instantly. Turn browsing on or off from the teacher’s computer with a single click. Remove the temptation of Web surfing during important lessons & discussions.

    • Control Web surfing

      Allow selected Web sites, lock out the rest. Control Internet access for a single student or the entire class. Selectively apply limits. Reward good behavior with expanded Web access.

    • Guide student Web use

      Choose which sites are appropriate for each assignment. Surf-Lock automatically displays your approved site lists to students using IE or Firefox, and blocks all other Web sites. Students just click and go.

    • Incredibly easy to use

      Ultra simple to use. One click halts inappropriate Internet activity. Create and save site lists using familiar browser tools. Clear indicators show the status of each student computer.

    • Powerful and secure

      Fully block Internet Explorer, Firefox, and all major browsers.  Surf-Lock's robust design is secure from student workarounds and compatible with school filtering software.

    • Integrated with Vision6

      Works in any classroom where Vision6 is installed. Plugs into the Vision toolbar for easy teacher access. Also compatible with the Vision Teach-Pad for push-button control of student Web surfing.