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What's New in Netop School6

Version 6.2.2 of Netop School6, released on August 26, 2011, contains a minor userface enhancement as well as technical fixes to a variety of issues reported by our customers.  

  • The selection list in the Student Logon dialog box has been re-titled: Identify Student by: has become Identify Computer by:
  • Flickering student thumbnails on the teacher computer have been resolved
  • Student names are now refreshed between logins
  • MAC addresses now save correctly, enabling Wake-on-LAN to work on previously affected computers

> See the version 6.2.2 modification notes for complete details
> Download version 6.2.2 of Netop School


Netop School supports Netop TeachPad

With the release of version 6.2, released on December 17th, 2010,Netop School is now compatible with the popular Netop TeachPad, a unique hardware device that provides push-button control over classroom computers. Version 6.2 also includes a number of maintenance updates.  

For detailed information on this release, see the Netop School version 6.2 release notes.

Netop TeachPad streamlines teaching, provides push-button control

The Netop TeachPad allows access to the essential features of School without the need to perform multiple precise mouse clicks, freeing teachers from the need to focus on the user interface and allowing them to maintain rapport with their students during lab-based learning. The TeachPad has five easy-to-use buttons and connects simply to the USB port on your teacher computer.

My Classroom button: acts as a toggle button allowing the teacher to quickly and easily switch between the desktop and Netop School’s Thumbnail View, for instant supervision of the classroom at a glance without the need to sit at the computer and perform precise mouse clicks.

Demo button: the Demo button allows the teacher to quickly and easily demonstrate their whole screen to all computers in the current classroom, and then switch back to their desktop repeatedly with ease.

Blank button: allows the teacher to quickly and easily blank the screen on all computers in the current classroom. Pressed once more, the students can pick-up where they left off their lab work

Lock Web: allows the teacher to quickly and easily stop use of the web on all computers in the current classroom. Then, when pressed a second time, applies any default policy.

Stop button: allows the teacher to quickly and easily stop any demonstration, whether previously started in the Teacher Module or from the TeachPad itself; ideal for instant control over demonstrations of videos and movies.

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