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Netop PrintLimit Pro End of Sales Notice
Transition to PaperCut – developer of the software

Netop has made the decision to discontinue all sales of Netop PrintLimit Pro by December 31, 2011, in order to focus our resources on development of classroom management. PrintLimit Pro is a rebranded version of Papercut NG which has been supplied to Netop under an OEM agreement with the manufacturer, PaperCut Software. Netop will transition support of all PrintLimit Pro customers to PaperCut, the developer of the software. PaperCut will honor all Netop Advantage annual support and upgrade program contracts that are current on December 31, 2011.

Detail information for our customers about the transtition to PaperCut

Transition of Netop PrintLimit Pro to PaperCut:

Effective from January 1, 2012:

  • Support of PrintLimit Pro will be transitioned to PaperCut support team
  • The terms of all active Netop Advantage support and upgrade protection agreements will be honored in full by PaperCut
  • Future releases of the PrintLimit Pro software will be provided under the PaperCut brand.

Contact information for sales and support at PaperCut

Visit the following Web page for sales & support contact information:

Information on migrating PrintLimit Pro to PaperCut NG
Visit the following PaperCut Web page for additional information on how to migrate your existing PrintLimit Pro version to PaperCut NG.