Online TRAVEL Services

Help your client services soar with Live Guide

Personal contact and efficient problem resolution are the hallmarks of excellent service.  In the travel industry, your service can win customer loyalty, repeat business, and excellent word-of-mouth.  Live Guide lets your agents connect with visitors to your site - helping with plans and purchases, making last-minute changes, and upselling packages or products - by text, video, or audio.


In high volume customer care environments, such as Scandinavian Airlines, Live Guide as produced greater service efficiency with no decrease in quality of service.  Scandinavian Airlines reports that agents are able to handle four times the amount of traffic - a fact that is especially relevant when there are spikes in incoming traffic.

Apollo Travel discovered that implementing Live Guide allowed them to connect clients directly with destinations when discussing travel options.  They were able to provide more personal online service through chat - while improving service efficiency 200%.  Apollo now handles over half of incoming contacts through Live Guide, using our advanced routing tools to connect clients with a worldwide network of local agents.


Better, more efficient service with live chat

You can provide your clients personal service, be an online concierge, and quickly answer travel questions with Live Guide - while increasing your overall service efficiency.

Audio and Video Chat – Live Guide lets you get face-to-face with website visitors instantly to provide the most personalized online service possible.

Advanced Routing and Workflows – With Live Guide, one agent can handle multiple inquiries simultaneously.  Live Guide also allows you to channel and redirect between agents, departments, and physical locations with a single click.

Easy to Implement and Use
 - Live Guide is a fully-hosted SaaS solution - there's nothing for you to install.  Our intuitive administration module and operator interface make it easy to connect with online visitors.


  • Best practice

    Use video chat to act as an online concierge or provide personalized, face-to-face service to your valued clients.

  • Bottom line benefits

    • Decreased overall service costs
    • Greater customer satisfaction and retention rates
    • Improved website conversions
    • Quick, accurate resolution of client questions