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Improve Your Online Presence

Live Guide helps your small business make a big impression with online customers. Website visitors simply click a button and they easily communicate, live and in real time, directly with your service agents via text chat. Live chat for websites is an important tool; not only to increase sales and reduce shopping cart drop out, but also to improve online customer service and technical support. Live Guide results in more satisfied customers and more value from your online presence. 

It’s hard to bring that personal touch to your online store or website. Imagine being able to bring the equivalent of that friendly, in-person “Hi, may I help you?” to the Internet. It’s possible with Live Guide chat with audio and video. Website visitors easily communicate using chat and then switch seamlessly to audio and video. With Live Guide you get more business, more satisfied customers, and more value from your online presence.

Proactive chat - Live Guide allows you to reach out to customers and invite them to chat based on where they are in their shopping experience. The result is a reduction in shopping cart abandonment by as much as 30%, as well as increases in average order size.

Audio and video chat - Live Guide enhances the value and immediacy of live chat with audio and video. With a simple click, customers can switch seamlessly to audio and video - creating a personalized customer experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Advanced workflow and routing - Live Guide operators are able to handle multiple customer inquiries simultaneously thanks to our advanced workflow and routing.  With Live Guide’s prepared response and customer intelligence features, you’ll notice an increase in per-agent productivity.

  • Best practice

    Use the live chat for social media feature within Live Guide to boost online sales. Now you can reach out to customers where they are most likely to hang out online. Adding live chat to your social media, online advertising and email extends the power of chat beyond your website to reach more customers and bolster the profile of your company.

  • Bottom line benefits

    Studies show that customers are far more likely to purchase from your website if you provide outstanding online service.  Live Guide’s advanced click-to-chat features help reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase average order size.

    • Proactive chat can increase conversion rates by 20-40%, improve overall customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty  
    • Live Guide’s unique ability to support not only text chat but also audio and video chat gives operators all the tools they need to help hesitating customers make a purchase decision
    • Shopping cart drop out is reduced using live chat because customer questions are answered immediately, and at a time when they are most likely to purchase your products and services
    • Both sales and average order size increase when you route calls to operators and specialists according to specific areas of expertise or focus
    • Greater efficiency: saving just one second per chat can result in an overall time savings of 80 hours per year.