ONLINE Financial Services

Bring the in-branch experience to your online financial services with Live Guide

The rise of online banking, web-based account management solutions and market pressures have created new challenges for banks and credit unions. Chief among these is the challenge of engaging online customers in a way that is cost-effective and in turn increases satisfaction and retention. Financial institutions worldwide are turning to Live Guide to engage their customers and differentiate their service.

With a simple click, customers and members easily communicate, live and in real time, directly with online service agents via text chat. Every interaction is protected by 256-bit SSL, and all stored data is encrypted as well, while strict firewall protocols and access monitoring provide an additional layer of security. Now you can communicate with confidence knowing that Live Guide ensures the highest level of security while providing an important personal touch that often gets lost in the online experience.

For high-touch customer interactions – such as commercial lending or personal banking – text chats can seamlessly elevate to audio and video chat. Your online customers can connect face to face with your representatives or financial advisors. Live Guide’s video chat capabilities allow you to bring the in-branch experience to your online banking.

Increase online conversions with live chat

Financial institutions everywhere are under pressure to build online accounts and increase customer retention rates.  With Live Guide, you can engage your customers proactively, resolve questions efficiently, and maximize utilization of your online channel.

Industry Leading Security – Live Guide is the leader in secure computer-to-computer communication.  Your customers, members, and business partners can be assured that their chat communications will be secure.

Audio and Video – Live Guide extends the value and immediacy of live chat with audio and video, and brings a new dimension to your online banking. With a simple click, customers can communicate with your online agents using text chat and then switch seamlessly to audio and video.

Proactive Chat - Proactive chat allows you to reach out to customers at key moments in the online experience - such as when accounts are being opened or products paid off.  With Live Guide you can provide exceptional customer service at crucial transaction points.

  • Best practice

    Deploying proactive chat at points where customers are completing payment on a product gives your agents an opportunity to engage them - and present additional product options.

  • Bottom line benefits

    • Connect customers to one-on-one service from anywhere on your website - before authentication or within your online banking system
    • Enable customer service agents to handle multiple chat sessions simultaneously, improving efficiency and reducing support costs
    • Move seamlessly from text chat to full audio and video chat for high value conversations
    • Boost customer satisfaction and account retention