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Reduce service costs and improve customer satisfaction with Live Guide

Live Guide is a powerful tool that helps businesses and organizations from all industries make the most of their online presence. The click-to-chat capabilities of Live Guide represent the next generation of e-customer service and a powerful alternative to business-as-usual online. With one click of a button website visitors easily communicate, live and in real time, directly with your online service agents using text chat, audio and video. Imagine being able to reduce service costs while at the same time increasing sales and customer satisfaction. Now you can with Live Guide.

Find out more about how business of all types and sizes use Live Guide to boost online sales, bolster call center efficiency and build customer loyalty.

More and more financial and insurance consumers would rather shop online than speak with a broker in person. Now you can communicate with customers online via live chat with confidence knowing that Live Guide ensures the highest levels of security and encryption while providing an important “personal touch” that often gets lost in the online experience. Read More>

With Live Guide, you are able to engage your citizens online and make the most of your agency's website while increasing service efficiency.  Create a virtual town hall with robust resources and face-to-face service using Live Guide video chat. Read More>

Imagine being able to reduce the costs of customer service while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. With Live Guide it is possible. Live chat for customer service is a powerful way to improve call center efficiency while communicating with customers in a way the more and more online consumers prefer…with live chat. Read More>

Live Guide is a powerful tool that helps you increase online sales. Chatting with your website visitors is a fast, easy and familiar way to form a relationship and answer purchase questions. Now you can offer the same comfort and expertise a new customer would experience in a real store and close sales with the lowest cost per acquisition with Live Guide. Read More>

Live Guide helps your small business make a big impression with online customers. The click-to-chat capabilities of Live Guide give you important tools; not only to increase sales and reduce shopping cart drop out, but also to improve online customer service and technical support. Live Guide results in more satisfied customers and more value from your online presence. Read More>

When travelers are planning their vacation they want the assistance and confidence of working with a live travel agent; but that’s hard to do online. With the click-to-chat capabilities of Live Guide, chatting online with website visitors is easy, and an important tool to help travel agencies close more business and gain new customers online. Read More>