Live Chat White Papers & Research

Live chat is helping businesses large and small increase conversions, sales, customer satisfaction and engagement.  Our extensive research aims to help you understand how live chat can help achieve these results. Download any of the white papers below to learn more.


Advice from IT experts on how to improve customer engagement, call resolution, and satisfaction rates through technology, as well as strategies for implementing ITSM innovation in your company. Download now.

This step-by-step guide gives an overview of the strategic considerations, hurdles, and best practices in implementing a new live chat channel on your website. Download now.

This paper analyzes the way financial institutions are using live chat software to reconnect with customers after transitioning their business online. Download now.

This paper examines how live chat software can transform traditional marketing collateral into real-time avenues for customer engagement. Download now.

This paper details the results of a recent UK survey of 2000 online shoppers and their dissatisfaction with the current standards of online customer service. The paper also notes the amount of business lost each year due to poor customer service, and how live chat can counter those loses. Download now.