Infographic: Evolution of Business Communication

The Evolution of Communication in Business

Things have changed a lot in the way we conduct business communications, especially between the customer and the company. Effective communication can lead to better customer service, more efficient production, and help overcome barriers.  The evolution of communication in business shows an important trend of how crucial it is to keep up with communication technology in order to keep customers engaged and happy. 

Evolution of Communication and Live Chat Software live chat software provided the content for this graphic.

We’ve been sharing information, in one form or another, from the earliest cave paintings to our current reliance on mobile devices, text messaging, and online chat. As customers, we expect our current options to provide immediate connections that are interactive, personal and convenient. Live chat software, email, SMS messaging, and other online options have all gained popularity as non-voice services, and we’re also seeing a push toward other communications modes, like social media, desktop video, and room-based video.

The key to company success revolves around effective communication.  Understanding the evolution of business communication can help businesses identify the best resources and channels to communicate with their consumers that ensure high customer satisfaction.