SAS Found Live Chat Successful With Customers


To better utilize its existing telephone service resources and optimize customer service, SAS has taken a step towards personalized internet, also known as Web 2.0. This step enables communication between people, rather than between computers, with features such as the internet chat. The aim of the chat feature is to offer quicker, easier and more direct service to internet customers.

More dynamic communication

“SAS has long seen the potential of the Web 2.0 wave, which provides us with new opportunities to use the internet to personalize processes and make communication more dynamic than with traditional telephone service. We have realized these opportunities with the solution that Netop Live has developed for us.

Even though chat sounds – and is – simple, we have experienced a significant impact on our customer service in a very short time,” says Stephan Rosenkilde from SAS e-Commerce.

Increased service efficiency

“Netop Live Guide has increased our service efficiency by min. 100%, as we can manage an average of 5-6 chats in the time that it takes to conduct one telephone conversation,” says Stephan Rosenkilde, who emphasizes that chat is very good for enquiries that can be quickly resolved, whereas the telephone is still preferable for more complex enquiries.

Easy to use

The solution is easy for customers to use. Customers simply click the chat button, and they are in contact with SAS’ service employees. The inquiry is answered within a few seconds, enabling customers to quickly move on. In other words, customers do not have to deal with technical things such as downloading applications.

Expected return on investment: Approximately 6 months

The total streamlining benefits, following roll-out in a series of SAS’ other divisions that also deal with direct customer contact, provide an expected return on investment of just six months.

Impressive conversion rate after just a couple of weeks

Netop Live Guide chat was introduced on SAS’ Help & Contact page and the experiences after the first couple of weeks were good. The chat function was used by about 200 customers daily, out of 1,500 who visit the Help & Contact page. “That is actually a very impressive conversion rate in relation to how long the chat function has been available. We are also in the process of implementing chat in the booking dialog for customers purchasing a ticket to SAS’ European destinations. With the good experiences that we have already had, we are certain that a great number of our online ticket buyers will use the chat function from now on,” says Stephan Rosenkilde.

Immediate effect

The airline company immediately experienced the effect of the Netop Live chat solution upon start up. Telephone response times of up to several minutes were replaced by chat response times of just five seconds, and the customers’ very positive reactions to the internet initiative speak for themselves: “Super cool”; “Thank you for super service”; “It’s great to chat on - we want chat in Norway too”.